Friday, October 29, 2010


Two weeks ago we went to KC to visit my family. My mom bought a huge bag of peanut m&m's on Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday night they were all but nearly gone.

On the way home Scott said to me "I don't want to eat peanut m&m's for a long, long time."

Guess what he brought home yesterday?

Oh yeah. Peanut m&m's.

And don't you's a Costco size bag. :-)

He's the greatest. :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

wishful thinking

Maybe I should start taking more pictures in my life...

Some people are excellent at having their camera attached to them and capturing every moment. I wish I was like that.

I'm not.

But, hopefully I will take before and after pictures of the baby room. Let me just say that shopping at thrift stores for crafty things is awesome. I got two frames for .50 each, a lamp stand also for .50 and a large wood frame I'm going to cut up for 1.50. Add a can of black spray paint for $3.50 and a sweet lampshade for 8.00 (target) and you got some sweet decorations! Amazing what spray paint can do...

I'm just so excited to paint the big wall and repaint the dresser (sorry Kim!). Everything is going to look awesome!! And I'm estimating the whole project will cost roughly $60. If I can keep it that low, hopefully I can talk Scott into letting us get this lovely at Target! (and some blue, green and tan drawers...)
Product Image ClosetMaid Cubeicals® Cubeicals 9 Cube Organizer Black Ash

Baby News:
So far so good! I can't believe how much more active he's getting! I find that the more I'm sitting and not moving, the more active he is. The more active I am, the quieter he is. I think he just likes sleeping when I'm moving. Also, he has yet to kick me in the ribs. I've thought from the beginning that he sits really low, and I think it's a blessing. :-) The weirdest thing? From my ribs being stretched out, I have this tingling, numb, burning sensation right below my bust/around where my diaphragm is. Supposedly it's normal. Just nerves getting stretched. Sure is annoying though.

And, I really want one of these:
Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack Diaper Bag

Not because of the name brand. Because it has amazing outer fabric, a great array of pockets inside, a zipper-out changing pad, a shoulder strap and backpack straps. Too bad it's only $170.

In the past month or so of pregnancy, I have these 2 horrible knots in my upper back that kill so bad every day. I think it's because I hold my purse on my left side, so it weighs my shoulder down, but then when I take it off, my back over compensates for the missing weight. Also, doesn't help that my purse is getting heavier with water bottles and snacks all the time. Thus, I would love to have a backpack diaper bag so it can evenly distribute the weight and I can get rid of these knots (though, the chiropractor helps a ton!!). I don't want a backpack looking bag though, I don't like em that much. A convertible one suits me much better. Any suggestions on something that's similar but way less expensive?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



I'm feeling a little guilty after that post I wrote about baby nursery's.

I apologize if I offended anyone. I really think the name on the wall is really cute. I also think totally decked out nursery's are really cute. If I had unlimited money I'd go all out with everything from Pottery Barn Kids. But, I don't have money. Thus, I am choosing to go a different route. Stick with the basics. Shop the thrift stores. Decorate but don't over-do it. I totally respect people who go all out and spend lots of money. We just don't have it.

As for naming the child before they're born...totally personal decision. I like to stick with the traditional way of seeing him before naming. Especially since we have 4 boy names we really like. But, I know plenty of people who only have one name they can agree on. And once the baby is born, he'll grow into that name. If we were having a girl, she'd be Jocelyn. We don't love any other girl names. Though I probably wouldn't put it on a wall, especially not until after I saw her and made sure that's what her name would be. I'm just old fashioned that way. But I think people who choose names before the baby is born are totally fine. It's totally respectable and I enjoy hearing what they're gonna name their kid.

So, I'm sorry. I apologize. Please don't take offense to what I said. After chatting with a good friend, I realized it was a rather hypocritical post. I've been saying how I hate things that people say to me, and it really makes me feel bad. Then I go and write a post that could be really offensive to some. Moral of the story? I'm working on not being offended and just loving my body. And if I offended you, I'm sorry. See it as an opportunity to not take offense and just love your own personality.

Why I love Missouri

I love Missouri.


The people.

3 older guys (grandpa age) at Costco and Walmart were very concerned about my well being since I'm pregnant. They all made super sweet comments such as "Take care of yourself!" and "You don't need to be standing on your feet any longer than necessary. You go ahead of me in line."

Then this morning at Costco gas, the attendant struck up a whole conversation about how Missouri is not flat and has tons of trees. He told me his wife was from Oregon and her friend was trying to convince her there were no trees here. Ha. It was quite funny.

The people here are people-persons. And they're not afraid to strike up random conversations with you, or tell you their life story.

I love it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sometimes I feel really onry and things really bother me. Things that shouldn't. I'm trying to do better, I promise.

Maybe it has something to do with Scott having mid-terms this week and being gone all day, every day, even Saturday. Or maybe it has something to do with the weather, that it has yet to be cold, rainy, cloudy and fall-like. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm nearly 7 months pregnant and growing every day. Who knows.

Perhaps I need to admit I absolutely love the Denise Austin Fit & Firm pregnancy workout dvd. I'm not much for workout dvd's, but I like this one. It has workouts based on trimesters and she's SO positive! Cheesy actually. Comments like "growing baby, healthy baby. Healthy body, happy baby. This is the most beautiful time in your life. Having a baby is so wonderful. You're doing great. Every day is different, so do what feels best." etc. It's my motivational uplift in the mornings now.

And I must say that not only do I have the best mother, but also the best mother in law. My mom reminded me last week that I can not compare myself to anyone else who is pregnant because every single person is completely different with pregnancy. Some people gain 18 pounds, some people gain 80. And it's okay as long as you're healthy! My mother in law sent me a sweet email last night in which her last sentence was "it was usually my own silly expectations that caused me to feel bad." (In reference to feeling down during pregnancy) It's true. It's my own silly expectations that cause me to feel bad about myself. Scott still loves me and adores my growing bump. Heavenly Father is certainly happy. And my mom is completely obsessed with the bump and how cute it is! So it's really just me getting down on me.

I need to build a tougher shield against what other people say to me. It doesn't matter what they think. And who cares what they say.

I'm excited about our Trunk or Treat tonight for our ward. I really love Halloween and I love trick or treating. I can't wait til we can take our kids trick or treating! (mostly it's all the free delicious chocolate :-)) And finally, it's cooled down here. We'll see how long this cool streak lasts.

I heard a raccoon outside my window last night.

Monday, October 25, 2010

old fashioned

Today I start Project Baby Room.

So far I'm just going to head out and see what there is available. And of course, since we're not rich and famous yet, it will not be extravagant or expensive. In fact, part of the deal is for me to price out everything I want to do and then discuss it with Scott. I have no problems with that. I'm just glad I get to do something with this room. :-)

trust me. I will not follow the current, and in my mind ridiculous, trend of completely decking out the babies room with matching everything complete with the baby's name hanging on the wall 2 months before it's born. Call me crazy but I think it's stupid. Why waste your money? The baby will have no idea what their room looks like, nor will they care. I think it's definitely more for the parents to show off to their friends. I guarantee the baby will not notice or care, ever. Because when he's 5, guess what? He'll car about cars and trucks, baseball and ice cream.

Anyway, off my soapbox, I am excited because I will be painting a wall (accent wall), framing acrylic lettering already on the wall, and adding some sports inspired pictures, frames and other wall art. I want the room to be comfortable and warm, but not scream BABY BOY!!!! And I will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be hanging my baby's name somewhere on the wall before he's born.

How does anyone know he'll look like his name?

Though, we do have a good idea of what he will likely be called. But I'm not telling. Nor am I committing until I see his precious face. :-)

I like being a little old fashioned. ;-)

P.S. I do think decked out nursery rooms are cute and fun, and I will not think less of you as a person if you choose to do that. Nor will I think less of you for hanging his name on the wall. I just won't follow suite.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Alaina posted this and surprisingly tagged my name in it. Usually I don't do things like this, but what the heck.

In other news, we got asked today to give a Youth Fireside on Gratitude in November. What the? We've never given a fireside before! I'm pretty excited about it, but obviously nervous as well! Good thing we have a month to prepare. Maybe it's because we're the new young couple who don't have kids yet... Though I will be hugely 8 months pregnant when we give the fireside. oh well. It'll be a good experience I hope! (just like teaching Sunbeams was today...eye yie yie)

1. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

This is a little dumb, but I love all the food my family has at Thanksgiving. I've had other T-giving dinners and food other places, but there are a few dishes that have yet to be duplicated by anyone not in my mom's side of the family. We're talking sweet potatoes, cranberry salad, stuffing, rolls etc. Nobody can beat my mom's family recipes for Thanksgiving. Another tradition I like is going to serve Christmas lunch at Rest Homes on Christmas day. It's so fulfilling.

2. Who is your biggest role model and why?
My mom. She's always been. She's pretty spectacular for raising and homeschooling 5 kids. 2 of which have been married in the temple, 4 of which have attended Junior College by age 16, 3 of which have gone on to college at BYU. Plus, she's always been someone I look up to and want to be like when I grow up.

3. What is your favorite thing to do with your husband and why?
I love playing games together. Or talking walks. We both love all kinds of games, and it's fun to play just the two of us or with others as well.

4. What is one place you want to travel to, when, why?
I'm dying to go on a cruise! We were planning on one this summer, but since we ended up getting pregnant and having to move across country, it just didn't work out. I want to see beaches and islands and get a tan and eat the delicious food. I also want to see Brazil.

5. What is your all time favorite band?
I don't really have one. I don't have music loyalties. I really love Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts. Also Jon Mclaughlin.

6. What is your favorite book?
Anything by John Grisham. I don't know anything about the law or lawyers, but he's an amazing writer. I really love The Firm and pretty much anything else he writes.

7. Who is your closest friend and why?
Scott. Hands down. He is the only one that really understands me and sticks with me no matter what. I've had alot of other close friends in my life, but they kinda fade in and out. I have a small handful of friends that I love and hope to stay in contact with forever, but life can sometimes get in the way.

8. What is your favorite trait about yourself?
I really have a huge capacity to love and serve. I wasn't always that way. I get so much satisfaction out of serving others, especially taking dinner to people. I feel like I've really learned how to love people no matter what. I think a huge part of that came from my experience teaching Kindergarten.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I have been blessed.

Here I am using this blog as more of a journal than a blog. So proceed with caution if you are reading.

Yesterday was really rough for me. Actually, it started the night before yesterday. Physically, this pregnancy has been an absolute breeze. I couldn't be more blessed. Mentally and emotionally it's been the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. My mind often wants to do one thing and gets frustrated at my body for not being able to do it. For example, I wanted to run and jump in Scott's arms and tackle him and play and have fun, but that's nearly impossible with a large belly and several excess pounds. So I got pretty upset and frustrated with myself. Which then caused a domino effect of me having a break down and unloading all my emotional frustration on Scott. Which then caused him to get frustrated because he didn't understand why it's hard for me to love my body, not compare myself to others, and not care what people think or say to me. (though I have had some unintentional very rude comments) Also why even though he tells me over and over how beautiful and sexy I am pregnant, I get bent out of shape when one person, even someone I might not know, makes a seemingly harmless comment about my size.

So, needless to say I woke up yesterday still feeling very down and discouraged. It got worse when my mom asked me how I was and I unloaded everything on her. Which caused another long round of crying. Eventually I just took a nap and then went to my chiropractor appointment. I told Scott on the way home that I felt really fragile and needed some love. And boy, did he deliver.

When I asked what I should make for dinner, the words "I think pizza sounds good" have never sounded so sweet. Then he proceeded to call and order, and pick it up. While we were waiting at home, he cuddled me up on the couch and just scratched my back. After dinner he did all the dishes and then asked what I wanted to do. We played Ticket to Ride together. He promised to not predict my every move (which he usually does) and just to play the game for fun and not care about winning. It was very fun and relaxed. And he did win, because he got really lucky, but it didn't matter because it was all fun. Then he willingly rubbed my back and shoulders (I have this huge knot in one spot on my back that will not go away and it hurts like crazy every day). Then we cuddled up some more and just talked a little. Then he started speaking Portuguese to me. At first I kept trying to translate and understand, but then he told me he just wanted to speak and for me to just listen. He went on for a long time and I'm not sure exactly what he said, but I know it was pretty darn sweet. I can understand a few words, so I was able to understand the context of what he was saying. Afterward I asked him to translate and he very tenderly said "Sometimes it's better left untranslated." He cuddled and loved me more and then let me go to sleep while he finished studying.

It may not seem like much to someone else, but man, I seriously needed every second of everything he did for me. It meant so much to me that he would take that time and just take care of me. Make sure I felt loved. It was exactly the therapy I needed. Besides the fact that he kept telling me how beautiful I was, even though I was in sweatpants with my makeup pretty much gone and hair all skuh-wonky.

So now I sit here writing this with tears of gratitude and love streaming down my face. Yeah, dumb, I know. I blame it on pregnancy hormones. But in all seriousness, I have no idea what I ever did to deserve having Scott in my life. I could not have asked for a better, more loving or kind hearted best friend, lover, partner, husband, father, and eternal companion. I am in awe of how incredibly blessed I have been. I really do have a wonderful life. I absolutely adore my husband. I can't even describe the love I have for him. He makes me so incredibly happy every single day. Despite our differences and the few arguments we may have, we always overcome them and come out better. I could go on forever saying how sweet, tender, kind, loving, wonderful, happy, fun, awesome, etc Scott is. I am so happy and feel so blessed to have him as the father of our children. I am so excited to see him become a daddy and to see the love he has for his children. I know he already adores our little son, and he hasn't even been born yet! He told me this morning to speed up time because he wants to see and hold and love our baby.

Man, I have been blessed.

I think someone upstairs is looking over me and watching out for me. He knows what I need in my life. He knows that I need Scott. He knows that we are absolutely, 100%, undeniably perfect for one another. My heart aches for those I know who are not so lucky and blessed as I am. Like I said before, I don't know what I ever did to deserve such an amazing husband, wonderful marriage and happy life.

I guess it's time for me to be more grateful to the Lord for the body He has blessed me with. For the wonderful ability and opportunity I have to carry a child and not be burdened by so many physical ailments so many others experience. I guess I need to remember that this phase in life "shall be but a small moment." And that "after much tribulation (including emotional trials) come the blessings. The hour is not yet, but is nigh at hand." (D&C 58:4)

I love my Heavenly Father. I love my husband. I love my family. I love my life.

I have been blessed.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nursery Dilemma. Help!

I need some help deciding what to do in the baby's room

1. Base the room off the sports theme from this crib bedding...

2. Use this quilt to pull colors (primarily the green/darker green) from to create something more classy and gender neutral but still try to incorporate some footballs and baseballs.

Comments and suggestions??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

simple things of life

Chex Muddy Buddies.

'nuff said.


Monday, October 18, 2010

pregnancy exaggerates life

I realized today that when you're pregnant, everything is exaggerated.

For example(s):

1. I had so much fun in KS over the weekend. However, I hardly slept and the sleep I got wasn't very good. This was because when you're prego you can't get comfy anywhere. If you think your own bed is uncomfortable, try sleeping in one that's unfamiliar...and smaller.

2. Because I didn't sleep well I came home tired. Now, while we were there I probably got an average of 6-7 hours of sleep a night. Not bad, eh? Remember, I'm pregnant. So, instead of being "just tired" I was EXHAUSTED.

Guess what I did today? I slept.

I went to bed at 10 pm last night. Woke up at 6:15. Took a nap from 8:30-9:30 and another nap from 11:15-12:50. At 7:30 this evening I said to Scott "I'm ready for bed."

Obviously I haven't gone to bed yet, but it's now 8:48 pm and I'm definitely ready. Everything gets exaggerated when you're pregnant. Maybe it's cuz my body is working twice as hard? Who knows.

Doc appointment today. He said I'm on cruise control with this pregnancy. I guess it's a good thing when they don't really have anything to discuss with you because it means that everything is going well. I do have to take the dreaded glucose test sometime this week. Ugh. I plan on not eating sugar for at least two days before I take it. I DO NOT want to take the 3 hour test. Thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

On a lighter note, in 4 weeks I have another appointment. I'll be 32 weeks. After that, 5 weeks til I'm full term. After that, the baby can come anytime he wants. I'm hoping for just after Christmas.

It seems like it's going so fast. Sometimes it goes slow though. Mostly fast. Especially when I think about everything I want to accomplish between now and then. I think it's a good thing I'm not working.

I made a list tonight of all these meals I want to make and put in my freezer. I know we'll probably be taken care of with food for a week or maybe two. But after that? It's so easy to pull something out and pop it in the oven. So in November I will tackle my list of freezer meals and my freezer will be full to bursting of delicious home cooked meals that just have to be cooked. Not to mention it'll give me more things to do! Yay!

I feel like such a mom. And I don't even have a kid...yet.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

super fun weekend!

What a fun and busy weekend!

We arrived in KC Friday night just in time to see my mom get her ankle's kinesiotaped by a (former?) chiropractic student. We also got to see their cute baby. Then we just hung out at home for the rest of the evening. It was so fun to see mom's reaction to my baby belly! She was totally obsessed with it the whole weekend. And she said the best thing she possibly could've said when we walked in "Oh my gosh, you look SO great!!!!!!" and then she instantly went to touch and rub the baby. :-) So cute. Made me feel really great because I've been feeling really huge lately.

Saturday morning we drove downtown to the race. I've never been to a marathon and it was definitely a very powerful and emotional event! It was really incredible to see the support of strangers to one another and to hear the words of encouragement from so many people. It was also SO fun to see mom and dad running! They both did awesome! Dad's feet were giving him problems so he had a tough time, but he finished and we're proud. It was very fun.

Then we ate at Oklahoma Joe's. If you're looking for good BBQ in Kansas City, go there. It's so dang good! Then we got changed and went to PF Changs for dinner before the concert. Our server was the riskiest server I've ever had. He was really "in your face" and borderline obnoxious at some points, but it kinda worked. With some people it definitely wouldn't. After dinner was....

CARRIE UNDERWOOD. Best. Concert. Ever.

It was more of a production show than a concert. And she's pretty much an incredible singer. It was quite the show. I really enjoyed it. I could go on and on about all the details, but basically, it was AMAZING.

Church today was so fun. It was pretty awesome to see everyone in my parent's ward and especially because everyone loved the belly. If you wanna be the most popular person, just have a baby. :-) It was quite fun. Overall it was a very fun, busy and short weekend. I love that we're close enough to make a quick drive out though. It's perfect. Life is good. :-)

p.s. It's amazing how when you get pregnant all kinds of people just start talking to you out of the blue. Suddenly everyone has something to say whether they know you or not. A lady in the bathroom at PF Changs told me since I'm eating for two, if I had the Chocolate Cake I'd have a happy baby. What the? Yeah. It was funny. :-) Guess all boundaries and walls get broken when you get a baby bump. hehe.

Friday, October 15, 2010

a great day

Yesterday was such an awesome day!!!

First, I went to the gym and walked (lame I know, but better than nothing). Then came home and moseyed around before I decided to go to institute with Camille. Of course the lovely lady had delicious sonic slushies waiting in the car, tator tots too. How could anyone not be excited about that? Plus it was just fun to hang out with her. I love having a friend who is expecting a boy near the same time I'm expecting a boy, and who also has the same birthing philosophies as me. It's so awesome. Institute was pretty good. I'm still feeling a little lost in there, like the teacher doesn't have a clear objective for the lesson. But oh well. Then I got to see Scott on campus, which is always a plus!

Later that day I opened my mailbox to find a surprise package from my lovely sister Danica. Enclosed was this note "My nephew has a lumpy head. I must buy him hats." I giggled. Then I opened two of the dang stinkin cutest hats you've ever seen! One has raccoon eyes and little ears and the other is a blue, plaid "trapper" hat or hunter hat (the ear flap kind). SO cute!!! I giggled for awhile.

Then my lovely neighbor too me to pick up our crib at Wal-mart. YAY!!!!! Unfortunately, I had to wait til Scott got home to put it together. But that's okay because I got to go up to campus and get my first adjustment from my chiropractor intern! It was SO nice. She did some kinesiology stuff and some other adjustments. Really good stuff to open up the pelvis and hips to allow more room for the baby to move and to allow mom to be more comfortable. She also managed to get a horribly sore spot in my back to disappear!

So, all pregnant friends, go get an adjustment right now!!! It is awesome.

Anyway, then we came back and put together the crib. After a short little battle of control, we decided my job was to hold pieces in place, look at the picture and tell Scott where to put things. His job was to screw it all together. Once we were working together we got it set up pretty dang quick! It's soooo pretty and perfect and I love it. Now I just need a mattress...

After we set it up I had "if you give a mouse a cookie" syndrome. If you give a Karissa a crib, she'll want a mattress to go with it. If you give her a mattress, chances are she'll want some cute crib bedding. Once she gets the cute crib bedding she'll want a... and it goes on. :-) We'll get a mattress next week sometime...because.....


I'm a little excited. It's been years since I've been to a concert and I love Carrie Underwood. Scott's not a concert person, so he's content hanging out at the house watching football, studying and munching on peanut m&m's. Isn't he awesome for coming with me? HECK YEAH HE IS.

Anyway, it'll be a fun weekend. Then we have a full week of just life (midterms for Scott), then the next weekend we'll be back in KC for a baby shower. Then a week home. Then the next weekend a baby shower here. Then a week home. Then the next weekend is Thanksgiving. Then suddenly it's December. Then only a couple weeks left of school. Then Christmas. Then BABY anytime after that!!!! AHHHH!!!! I'm really really super excited.

Oh and I read Hunger Games this week. Disgustingly morbid and horrible but so good you can't put down kind of book. I don't want to think about it too much or I might throw up. But the story was told in a very creative way, and I enjoyed it enough that I finished it in about 2 days.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and look out my window it looks like our forest is on fire. It's just the way the sun hits the leaves, which are turning orange and yellow, that makes it look so cool.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


27 weeks and 3 days according to my due date. Almost 29 weeks according to what I measured in the ultrasound.

Today finally felt like Fall again.

We got teased for a few days with some clouds, rain and chilly weather, but then it jumped up to 85 degrees! What the summer?? Anyway, it was a little cooler today and windy so the leaves were falling. Feels great.

I don't think I ever wrote about my experience with my new intern at Logan. When I went in for a physical, for part of it she checks my spine and some muscle movement with my abs. I was laying on a table and I had to lift my legs up. I lifted them about an inch and thought it was good enough (couldn't see over the bump) and realized I was about 3 inches from her hand. So i tried again. It was tough! My abs are gone :-(

Then she wanted to measure my uterus because she's specializing in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic so she was curious. Then she felt around my tummy. She lifted her hands off and Scott pressed his hand down. The baby kicked his hand, hard! Then she did another thing on the tummy. Then he put his hand on again and the baby kicked again! Then she tried to feel him and he didn't kick. At the very end he did kick her a little tiny bit so she felt him, but not like Scott. It was really cute! Kinda fun that he knew who his daddy was. :-)

This week has been kind of a soul searching week. I've been trying to figure some things out with my life. What I want to do. Where I want to be (emotionally, mentally, spiritually). And what I want to accomplish before baby comes. My sister in law sent me an amazing email that really helped confirm some already developing thoughts. I'll write more later on what I've decided.

One thing I know for sure: I am SO grateful for Scott's support. He is so supportive of me in everything I do! He kinda knew I wouldn't enjoy the whole Mary Kay thing and take off like I thought I would, but he knew I wouldn't be able to stand the "what if" if I didn't do it. So he let me. Now he is completely supportive of me calling it quits. He is also really supportive of me staying home and not working. But if I find something I want to do, he's supportive of that too. I'm just so incredibly grateful for him and for his love and support. I know alot of people aren't as blessed as I am. I love waking up before him in the morning and looking at his face thinking "wow, how did I ever get so lucky?" It's so true. He seriously is incredible. And absolutely perfect for me in so many ways.

Anyway, I'm getting more excited every day for this baby to come. Not just so I can have a baby, but so I can get my body back and be more comfortable! I seriously feel like he grows a foot a day. It definitely doesn't help when I hear comments like "fatty" and "he has a whole swimming pool as a womb." I've never been so anxious to get to the gym and get back to my normal size. Never been so motivated either. I just hope that motivation continues after he's born. (though I'm sure it will. I've had enough years in my life of hating my body and being self conscious that I won't let myself stay big and fat if I can help it. Plus, I love working out.)

K, this is getting long. But what does it matter anyway? Since I made it private I'm pretty sure nobody reads this anymore. So really it's just for me as a journal.

Monday, October 11, 2010


What is your reaction when you hear someone say "I'm a Mary Kay Consultant"? or "I sell Mary Kay"

I really love the products, but I feel like when I tell people I sell Mary Kay they automatically think "Oh, she's one of THOSE people" and turn the other way.

It would be the perfect thing for me to do to keep busy and make some money, so why can't I do it? What's wrong with me? Why do I feel such a negative vibe? Have other people made it so there's a negative, pushy stigma with Mary Kay reps?

I just can't decide if I should continue after I get rid of my excess stock, or if I should give up and accept my losses. I just don't know.

My biggest problem and struggle? Booking appointments and finding people for a class. Teaching the class is NOT the problem. I could spend all day helping people with make up and playing with make up. Help.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant and can't move like I used to, and I do silly things.

Like this morning. Scott was on one side of the bed and I was on the other. I wanted to run and kiss him, but the bed was in the way. For a split second I contemplated just running and crawling over it. Then I decided I could take a flying leap and run across. I could do that without a big belly.

Did it work?

Not so much.

I managed to jump up on to the bed but then crashed down in about 0.2 seconds. We both busted up laughing.

"Did you forget you're pregnant?"


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

some things are exciting

Today was a great day. Why?

1. Our baby boy was very active in my tummy. So fun!
2. I realized I can cook just about anything and have it taste incredible, however, I fail miserably when it comes to baking. Especially things like sugar cookies and ice cream. I can make texas fudge cake and dump cake. And really those are the only two things worth making.
3. Scott surprised with me an excellent pair of these:
(if you can't tell, they're super soft, baggy, wonderful and amazing sweatpants with "Logan Chiropractic College" down the leg. yay!)
4. After he got home I showed him this lovely beauty online. Using $60 in gift cards we spent a whopping $86 out of our own pocket. Soon it will have a home in our little nursery. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

And now I will return to the kitchen to frost my pathetic sugar cookies that did not turn out how I wanted them too. Next time I will find a recipe that actually calls for butter and NOT try to substitute butter when it calls for shortening (especially for the first time ever making that recipe). Someday I will have cute little Halloween creature cookies sitting on the table waiting to be devoured. Tonight, however, I will have sad lumps of fluff with Halloween colored frosting hoping for someone to eat them.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Dodds

So we finally had an ultrasound today! It was our "20 week ultrasound" at 26 weeks. I think it actually worked out better because the baby is farther along and more developed so measurements are more accurate. Anyway, I was really bummed because Scott couldn't come. He had class all stinkin day and the ultrasound technician has very limited availability.

It was still very fun for me though! I got to see his heart, brain, spine, ribs, legs, arms, belly, bladder, stomach, etc. Pretty much everything. He was a little active but not too much. He was hiding an arm behind his leg though, and he was playing with his feet near the end. I got to see him open and close his lips and I got to see his eyeball in his eye socket. Pretty awesome! Near the end she just set the wand on my stomach for a second and we watched him move his head. She said it looked like he was dancing. I agree. :-) Seems appropriate coming from Scott and I .

The best part of the whole thing (after having a ton of fun seeing every part of the baby) was when she said that according to measurements he was measuring more at 27 weeks. So she moved my due date up to December 29th. Wahooo!!! She did say that obviously babies just come whenever they're ready, so to not get too excited, but he was measuring bigger than we had thought. Cross your fingers and keep praying for an earlier baby so Scott can be home! :-)

Oh, and she looked at his boy parts to make sure he hadn't changed to a she... She said he was definitely still a boy, and definitely not shy. Enjoy the pictures!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

crazy busy weekend

This weekend was full of crazy busy fun!

The car ride this morning went something like this...

me: "I think I'm on social stimulus overload. I need some just me time today."
Scott: "And you were worried about making friends here..."

Saturday we had the Williams here for the 1st session of conference. Then we all went to the Rehiesse's for a huge, delicious brunch between sessions and stayed for the 2nd session. Then we came back, Scott and Trevor went to the Priesthood session and Miranda and I went grocery shopping.

Then Sunday we had the Tuttle's, Williams, Rehiesse's (I have no idea how to spell their name), and us for a big pre-conference breakfast. We watched the first session, then everyone left and the Williams came back for the second. After conference ended we had Dave and Kathryn and Co. join us for a yummy dinner. We definitely had the party house all day! But it was so much fun. I really wish I would've been feeling better so I could enjoy people more, but it was still great.

The best was watching Ryan and Abby (both 3) with Allie (almost 2) run up and down our hallway, around outside on the deck, and back again over and over and over screaming their heads off. It was quite entertaining. Then, suddenly, it all got quiet. You know when two 3 year olds and a 2 year old get quiet that something isn't good. They had found our open laptop and had managed to press some buttons but not do any damage. :-) It was fun times.

Moral of the story? Pretty sure I made some great friends and I love hanging out with them!

So now another day, another week and things to look forward to. Tomorrow morning I finally get to see our little baby again on the ultrasound. Though he's not so little anymore. I think he's about 2 1/2 pounds and 13 inches (give or take) this week. Hopefully he's still a he! :-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

just sayin...

99 Days!!!!!

We're in the double digits now. Wahoo!!

I love seeing Scott's face when he feels the baby kicking and moving. Especially if he is kinda laying on my tummy and can feel the kicks through his tummy. So fun.

I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I will never, ever...

From this moment on I will never, ever make fun or tease Scott about getting sick first.

He never gets sick, so I couldn't help a little playful banter when he suddenly came down with a cold and I didn't. I believe it's from this lovely midwest air going from 90 degrees to 45 degrees in a matter of a day. And we left the window open because I get hot when I sleep, so it was freeezing in our house!

I haven't been sick this whole pregnancy and now, after a couple days, I caught the same cold. But I think it hit me harder. Joy. So now on top of the loveliness of being prego I can't breathe, my nose is really clogged, my head is pounding, my throat is scratchy and a cough or sneeze pops out every so often. Yay. At least he is being SO sweet and understanding. He made me soup and got some yummy bread for dinner. And he keeps asking if he can do anything. I love that guy.

Baby is still doing great. He keeps kicking and moving all the time, which I love! I love being able to feel the difference of him moving around and kicking. We have an ultrasound on Tuesday, so I am very excited for that. And today is 100 days left til the due date. Tomorrow we'll be in double digits! Wow! On a side note, comparing my belly pictures to others who are around the same time as me, I feel like this baby sits really low. Or that I'm carrying him really low. Don't know if that's good or bad, but it's what it appears to me.

I can't wait for Conference this weekend! :-)