Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nauvoo!!!!! readers digest version

I'm back from Nauvoo!!!! What an amazing trip and experience. I had such a wonderful time performing with my team and traveling alot! We went to Carthage, Fairfield, Springfield and Quincy besides Nauvoo. We did a show in all of those except for Carthage. Since the tour was 2 weeks and I would hate to bore you all with the details, I'll just list some highlights.

-Spending the first morning there rehersing on the outdoor stage, eating lunch, then spending the afternoon rehersing on an indoor stage because of a threat of rain. (it never rained)
-I got really sick about the 2nd day, luckily it only lasted about 2 days. Prayers truely get answered!
-We performed every night on an outdoor stage. It was a very rough, unpolished, painted floor that was oddly shaped. What an adventure dealing with that floor, humidity, bugs, and the weather!
-At our show in Quincy, our key to the trailer lock broke so the Fire Dept had to come and cut the lock with huge pliers. It was pretty crazy.
-Friday afternoon we drove through some crazy thunderstorms with reports of tornadoes all over. I got some wicked awesome pictures of a small, supercell storm we drove right under.
-Testimony meeting on the last night we were there. What a spiritual exerience.
-The people of Nauvoo were amazing! They absolutely loved us and practically worshipped the ground we walked on. We were Nauvoo celebrities! Our "tour guides", Dean and Kathy Hughes were amazing as well.

And of course, I can't leave out seeing Scott and my family for a couple days, and then seeing Kim and her kids the next day! It was so fun to have family come out!

And now I'm back home and soooo grateful to be back with Scott. I'm in the process of finding another job because I'm tired of working in a restaurant and they don't give me enough hours. Any ideas anyone?

Some day when I find my cord or a computer that works, I'll upload and post some pictures. We're pretty behind. love you all!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alone :(

Well monday night was the first night that Karissa and I have spent apart since we got married and letting me tell you what it was not very awesome at all. When she left I thought I might enjoy sleeping alone for a little bit and I would be able to hog the whole bed to myself, but it was a horrible night. I couldn't sleep very well and I just was worrying the whole night because she wasn't there. This last night was much easier but I just enjoy it so much better when she is in the bed with me. Life is just better with her here.

I am in Twin Falls Idaho currently with my family until later today. I came up to talk to some family friends about the food storage and how I can help them get what they need to be prepared for the future. Hopefully I can sell something so that I don't really come home empty handed or anything.

I really can't wait to see Karissa in a few days. I am going to Nauvoo on Friday to see her and I can't wait. It will be really fun to see her dance and see her so happy as she is totally enveloped in humidity which she loves and the Midwest storms which she doesn't see much when she is living in Utah. I can't wait to see her and then after I see her another week alone. I am not excited about that but maybe I will get some things done that I need to.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pre-Tour Ballroom Show!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

As you know, I'm leaving with my ballroom team in about 6 days for our Nauvoo tour. Before we go, we're putting on a Pre-tour show!!! It's absolutely free and it's gonna be awesome!!!

Saturday, June 6
6:00 pm
BYU Wilkinson Center

As far as I know, you don't need to "get" tickets, just show up a little early and grab a seat. This is the last time you'll get to see me dance with my team, and probably dance ballroom. I'm done with dance after the tour ends. So sad. So take advantage and come watch!!!!