Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I wish it would rain...Post Concussion Syndrome


So you can still read the bottom and see what it says, but things have changed. I actually do not have the flu, but I did in fact get a concussion from dance (I was hit in the head pretty hard) and I'm suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome. Basically it means I got a concussion and I'm feeling symptoms later. The area I was hit is really sensitive and the nerves are connected to the GI tract which explains the extreme nausea and stomach troubles. And the concussion explains the never ending headache from Monday. So yeah. As long as I'm careful and I don't do too much I should get better eventually. We just have to watch out and make sure I eat bland foods, don't elevate my heart rate/blood pressure and just take it easy. If I suddenly have a drastic mood change and turn into a monster, then it's very possible there's internal bleeding and I'll need surgery. So yeah. Kind of a serious issue if it doesn't heal. But at least I don't have the flu! Haha. Scott's been awesome. I seriously cannot express enough gratitude for him. Gosh I love that man. :-)


Alright, so I decided it's high time to write a new post. I'm still not sure who reads this, but who really cares, right?

This week has been interesting. It started out great with a long Monday (as usual) with class til 7 pm. We had dinner (I absolutely love cooking!) and FHE and went to bed. Not too shabby. Tuesday morning I woke up for class and was so sick to my stomach I could hardly stand it. I threw up and went back to bed and unfortunately, it didn't end there. I missed class and stayed in bed all day throwing up and feeling ache-y all over. We're still not sure what's wrong, probably the flu or something, but we know I'm not pregnant. (thank goodness! least for now) So I spent the entire day miserable with the best husband ever trying his best to take care of me. Though there's not much you can do for your spouse when they're lying incapacitated on the couch... hehe. He was great. Anyway, today is better, I'm feeling better but still pretty miserable. And my schedule does not allow any room for sickness!

Other than that, life has been great. Scott's birthday was so much fun. It was absolutely wonderful to see the family and hang out at Becky and Robert's. Their house is GORGEOUS! I can't wait til one day we have a cool house :-) We also went to Tucano's to celebrate, and it was pretty fun. It's nice to get out and go out to eat.

Work is going pretty decent, I'm ready to start making real money. Right now I'm making hardly anything and it's bugging me alot because I'm used to serving at a better resteraunt and bringing in big bucks. So yeah. That's been quite frustrating. Hopefully it'll get better soon. I love all my classes at school. This semester is actually really fun. I have all my core classes for the Early Childhood Major and I'm definitely starting to get way excited about teaching! Next semester I'll be in the cohort, and shortly after I'll be graduated. yahoo! Dance is great too. I love it.

So, life as newlywed's is still wonderful. Everyday I wish I could spend more time with Scott than I actually get to. At least we're blessed with Sunday's and occasional slow weekends. He really is the best and he treats me like gold. Married life rocks! :-)


p.s. I think Utah is too sunny. I wish there was more clouds and rain :-) Yep, I grew up in the midwest, can you tell?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're married

Well everybody I know it has been a while since we have written on our blog and since I had a break between classes I thought this a perfect opportunity to write on the blog. So we are married now for almost three weeks already and life is great. We are still in love which is always a good thing. It is going to be a little bit different now that we have to start school and get jobs and things. I am currently looking for a job. I really need one. Karissa just got a job last week and she starts her training today. She is going to work at Brick Oven (pizza place). She will do great and it will be nice to get the extra income as soon as possible. School is going to be good I hope. I go to class every day from 8 to 11. I am not doing the Ballroom team this year. It just wouldn't have worked out with the schedule and everything, but it is okay because Karissa is doing team and so I will have a part of it that way.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know that we are happily married and we are so glad that we did get married. I would suggest it to anyone that is not married yet. Karissa is the best and has made our apartment into a home already. It actually looks pretty good for only living there for a week. Well that is our life currently, hope everyone is doing well.