Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Highlights of Christmas Break

Yeah, we're cool. We know. Especially with penguins...

Crazy, creepy nativity scene with weird angel. Yeah, they all moved.

The mechanical toys in the garage. They made strange, creepy "scary movie" noises

A small glimpse of the penguin house

Our cute dog Cosmo in his cute shirt from Shayla. He's not really our dog....karissa's parents.

Us with Cosmo in front of the penguin house

Here are our Christmas Break Highlights:

-Finishing finals, selling our apt and moving into a duplex all in a week
-Receiving a breadmaker from Karissa's parents!
-Receiving a food storage starter kit from Scott's parents!
-Flying to Kansas to spend over a week with Karissa's family
-Sleeping in a little Christmas morning (7:30am)
-Playing Guitar Hero World Tour on Wii non-stop (family gift)
-Making Christmas goodies to give to other people...then forgetting to take them, so eating them ourselves instead
-Enjoying 65 degree weather for a day!
-Waking up to an almost tornado that night...(70-80 mph straightline wind)
-Cheesecake Factory!
-Choosing wedding pictures, finally
-Staying up late and sleeping in late
-Watching Twilight
-Watching The Dark Knight
-Playing Skip-Bo with the fam during breakfast, lunch and dinner too
-Not having to work!
-Finding amazing shoes at DSW after Christmas
-Enjoying two, over 50 degree days
-I guess you could actually say we've almost experienced all four seasons in a week: cold, snow, ice, wind, sun, 65 degrees and humid, 50 degrees and sunny, a big thunderstorm, rain and a snowstorm. Yep, that happens in Kansas
-Seeing the Penguin House (a house overloaded with the air-pumped penguin things that are lit up...yeah, they call the path around their house "Happy Feet")
-Seeing the "Falmouth House". Essentially crazy people who put up hundreds of moving machine toy things and too many decorations. A bit creepy actually...

-The best highlight has been the blessing of spending time with family we haven't seen in about 4 months. It's been a great vacation and we've had a lot of fun. Tomorrow we leave Kansas and head back to Utah for a short family reunion with Scott's family. Then we get to settle in our new place and try to get ready for school.

We are so grateful for our overwhelming amount of blessings and the love we feel from family and friends each day. Thank you everyone who has been there to love us and support us! We love you all! Happy holidays :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Moving!

Everything is official. We sold our apartment last night and we are planning on being completely moved out by Dec. 22, which is next Monday. However, amidst the moving, we still have a great load of finals to take and work to not miss. It is definitely going to be a crazy week! We're excited to move into the house and have some more room and other stuff.

Only one week and then we'll be flying to Kansas! I cannot even hardly stand it I'm so excited. It's actually pretty surreal. This is the longest I've gone without seeing my family - 4 months. We've seen Scott's family at least once a month since we've gotten married so I'm glad to finally have my turn. :-) It should be a really fun Christmas at home, and then New Years in Aspen Grove and then we'll come back to a mess. Joy. That's the only thing I'm not excited for at all. We'll have about 3 days or less to try and organize it before school starts. Life is crazy!

One more year until we're graduated and can do (almost) whatever we want :-) Happy happy joy joy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too much rambling...

Sometimes I wish I was a really funny person. Like, maybe it'd be cool to write really funny posts that people laugh about. Sometimes I think I'm funny, but I'm not sure if anyone else thinks the same thing. I definitely know I make funny faces. Scott usually tries to imitate them and then we both start laughing. Our most recent face joke is "Oh, that's a really really good frown. Yeah, frown just like that. That's a good good frown." You say it with your face and lips all scrunched up. He does it really well...I laugh every time :-)

Our workout plans are going pretty well. Not doing quite as good as I want, but oh well. I could launch into a huge explanation why, because my week has been more busy than any other week ever, but I think it might be boring to tears. So I won't. Basically, it's really hard to work and go to school.

Ooh, the other night we babysat for a friend of ours. Her girl is 5 years old and has more energy than an energizer battery. After an hour and a half I was begging Scott to take over. He kept telling me "you think she has lots of energy? just you wait til we have kids..." Haha. I guess our kids are gonna be crazier than Becky's...not sure if that's possible. Although, I wouldn't mind. Becky's kids are like, the craziest, most independent, cutest, funniest kids ever. I think they're awesome and she has definitely parented them exactly how she needed to: lots of independence!

I'm excited for school to be over so I can breathe for a couple weeks. I have a feeling it'll be a stressful break. Wait. Not stressful, full of lots of crazy adventures and things that need to get done. Such as sending out thank you cards. Yeah, I started writing them on the plane 3 days after the wedding, but have I sent them? Nope. Plus, I ran out of cards. And stamps. And I still haven't sent the ones I have done. Weird. And I haven't picked out wedding pictures yet. I promised when I got married I'd have stuff like that done right away....it's crazy how things like LIFE get in the way....

We're excited to move in January! We need to sell our contract, but we're excited to be in a bigger place with more room and potential to be nicer. For once I'll be able to do my make-up while Scott does his hair at the same time. :-) I'm bummed about leaving the ward, I loooove it, but we'll hopefully be in another good ward. I've never lived in a place longer than a year since Freshman year. This is the time! I don't think we'll be there longer than a year and a half, but who knows. We'd like to get out of Utah, but it depends on what kind of job Scott gets. One more year of school.

You wanna know something Ironic?

I'm so excited to be done with school because I'm sick of homework, tests, assignments, etc and school in general. BUT, I'm going to school to be a teacher...in school. I'm gonna be in school all my life until I stop teaching forever. Am I crazy? I'm going to school to go to school... At least teaching is super rewarding and awesome! I'm so excited for Practicum next semester :-)

I ramble too much....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The strangest thing

The strangest thing happened today on the way to school. I told Scott I really wanted it to snow, and that I wish it would if it was gonna be colder. And not kidding, 2 minutes later it was snowing. Not a ton, just the pretty little snow that doesn't stick or do much but looks cool. It made me so happy!

Normally, I wouldn't be wishing for snow because normally we'd already be under about 4 inches or so. However, I find myself wishing that since it's December now, and Christmas is soon, I really want to see some snow! Weird, I know. And I want a puppy. Still. I'm anticipating that being my graduation present :-) Now only to convincing Kim and Jim... ;-) hehe

Scott and I made some good goals last night. We decided we want to start eating more healthy and working out. We're both feeling pretty out of shape, which is no fun, and especially no fun as dancers. So hopefully our goals will work. If we reach 90% of what we wrote down in the next 16 weeks, we'll HOPEFULLY have money to buy a Wii. That would be awesome! Anyway, enough rambling. I'm off to work in the schools now. ciao!