Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Logan tour and downtown

Yesterday we decided to take a tour of the Logan campus. It was so much fun!! It was really neat to see all the different classrooms, labs and amenities the school has to offer. Plus it's gorgeous. And very sports oriented. They have a sweet student center that has a huge TV, couches, a cafe, foosball, pool table, pin-pong and some other stuff. They also have a really awesome Sports Facility. They have athletic fields for pretty much any sport and a gym that has work out equipment and other things. We also got to see the Cadaver lab. We didn't get to see any of the bodies uncovered though...oh well.

I liked how hands-on everything seemed too. Our guide was telling us that the instructors will spend time lecturing on the area they will dissect, then do a dissection for the class to demonstrate how, then they left the students do it. As a teacher I was very impressed that they cover 3 of the learning modalities: hear, see, do. Overall it was a very exciting experience to see what Scott would be doing. Plus, he got super excited about it too!

The best part? Their health center. Students and family get to visit the center for free adjustments at any time. I will definitely be taking advantage of that! Also, the director of the Sports Rehab Masters Program is from BYU!! And one of his colleagues is the Chiropractor for the Cardinals. Pretty sweet I think! Scott will definitely have all kinds of help and exposure to find the right sports chiropractic job he wants. We're so excited!

We also went to Babies R Us yesterday and started our registry. Oh my gosh it was so overwhelming! I had no idea babies needed so much. And how many different things there are to choose from! I seriously have no idea what things to get from car seats to stroller, to crib, to bottles, to sheets, etc. It was fun but definitely overwhelming since we're still so clueless. Thus, any help or suggestions we get is great.

Today we went to the Arch downtown and also to the CityGardens. It was really cool! We just walked around the Arch and went to the little museum inside. We decided to forgo the $19 it would cost for the two of us to ride to the top. City Gardens was awesome though! We were with Dave and Kathryn and their kids so we had a ton of fun playing in the fountains. It's a section of concrete with tons of water fountain things spraying up from the ground. It was really cool and totally reminded me of the fountain park thing in Kansas City! It was also fun to drive around downtown a bit and see how cool the city is.

I'm so happy to be here! It's such a cool place with so much character and so many opportunities for so many things. It definitely helps to have friends next door too!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So yesterday was such a good day!

It started off with getting an email from my good friend and former co-teacher at Hillcrest. It was SO good to hear from her! And to hear from someone back in Utah. So that was a really fun thing. Then Scott and I had a really fun conversation for awhile about life and what happens after he's done with school.

Then, we met our neighbors.

Now, here in St. Louis there is not such a high concentration of LDS people as in Utah. And, there is tons of housing everywhere, so to be in the situation we realized we're in is remarkable. In our complex, more specifically, our building, 3 LDS couples (including us) moved in in the past week and a half. We live on the back part of the B floor, our neighbors live on the front part and we have another LDS family under them. So basically, we're all within about 30 feet from each other. In the same building, same floor, and one underneath.

It's pretty amazing how that happened. Before any of us moved in there was nobody in our ward in this whole huge complex. Oh, did I mention we're not even in the main part of the complex? We're in the "phase 2" which is about a mile up a hill through a residential neighborhood. So the odds that we would move in at the same time as these other two families is incredibly slim.

Oh, did I mention that the family that lives on the front side of our building on the same floor is also starting school at the same time as Scott? He's not into the doctorate program yet, but they will still have the same schedule and different classes. I'm thinking carpooling...

Oh, did I mention that his wife delivered their first baby at home and their second (4 month old) in a hospital with a home birth setting? Exactly what I want to do. And they did it with Medicaid. And they've done and are doing food stamps.

Basically, I am SO freakin excited because they're way cool and we've already talked to them a ton. And they're coming over for dinner tonight! And it is so fun to have a friend so close! Plus, since they have kids, she's not working while her hubby is in school, so we can totally be lonely Chiro-wives together! wahoo!! (and we still have to meet the other couple. They've been out of town)

God is good.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Spicy BBQ chicken Salad

My mom and sister inspired this one. SO delicious!

Spicy BBQ Chicken Salad

1-2 boneless, skinless, chicken breast halves
Olive oil
1 teaspoon minced garlic
Salt and Pepper
Italian Seasoning
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic salt and powder

Cut thawed chicken into 3/4 inch pieces (or smaller). Saute in olive oil and minced garlic and sprinkle the seasonings on top. I don't measure, I just sprinkle. Remember, Cayenne Pepper is VERY potent so a tiny bit goes a long way. Cook til chicken is done and lightly golden. Set aside.

Each salad is an individual interpretation of one's preferences. Use any amount of any ingredient listed:

Chopped Romaine lettuce
tortilla chips, crunched to small pieces
shredded colby jack cheese
corn (canned and drained)
olives (sliced)
bacon bits
carrots (thinly sliced)
roma tomato, chopped
green onions, chopped
black beans (canned, drained, heated)

Assemble the salad with chips first, lettuce next, chicken third and any and all toppings fourth.

Drizzle on top:
ranch dressing
BBQ sauce (KC masterpiece is ideal)


This salad is so yummy because you can add whatever you want, as much as you want. You can also make it completely mild by omitting cayenne pepper in the chicken and using mild salsa. I like it hot, so I use the cayenne and medium pace picante. Scott ate his plate in about 2 seconds. This salad is one of our new favorites! Yum!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Me, being pregnant

So, once upon a time when I was young, naiive, and uninformed, I was so excited to get pregnant because I could get big and huge and not even care!

And now that I'm older, wiser and 20 1/2 weeks pregnant, I look back on that moment and think I was absolutely crazy and out of my mind. I've never felt SO huge, bloated, unattractive, fat, and ugly.

However, I have the most incredible husband who reminds me every single day how beautiful I am. He tells me how much he loves my pregnant belly and how he is so happy and excited that we're having a baby. I love when he rubs my tummy and smiles this sweet, pure, joyful smile and tells me how much he loves me and our baby. I love when he tells me that pregnancy suits my body so well.

I believe that pregnancy is all about sacrifice and being confident. It's a time in a woman's life when you sacrifice your body completely and give up every curve (or lack of) you know and love to make room for a sweet little life and spirit that will bless your home. It's a time when life isn't about you anymore. It's about your family, your baby, and your husband. It's also a time when you have to pull forth every ounce of confidence you have to say "Yes, I've gained weight. yes, I have a belly. Yes, I have more curves. And yes, I am so blessed because I get to carry this sweet little baby and bring him into our home."

It's not easy, but I know it will be worth it.

It already is worth it when I get to feel little nudges and kicks here and there.

Plus, thank goodness for an incredible husband who can put me back on track by reminding me each day how beautiful and blessed I really am.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I am so grateful for such a wonderful, supportive husband who can hold me and wipe my tears away when I cry.

I got really homesick today. For Utah. Weird. I know. Really it's more like, for the people in Utah. For the life we had there. I miss our family so much. I miss our friends. I miss my job. I miss our Jeep. I miss knowing my way around and hanging out with people. I miss everything I knew.

Now, life is different. It's alot different. But it's kind of the same in some ways. I still have Scott. I still have family. I have never been so grateful for family. It has been the biggest blessing to have Dave and Kathryn out here. If I didn't have them here I would probably cry every day. It's so nice to know someone, at least one family, that we can spend time with and talk to and hang out with. I've loved it.

Tonight we went to a family's house from our ward. They are awesome! It was so fun to talk with them and be over there. Plus they gave us tons of good advice about Medicaid and doctors and stuff like that. I think I'm really going to like our ward. It feels good to feel like people want to know us and meet us. Bishop is coming over tomorrow and another guy from the ward stopped by this afternoon. It's gonna be great I think.

It's just been tough. Like Scott said this morning "We've been blessed so much. But, blessings don't come free." I just have to focus on the things I have and the things I've been blessed with so I don't dwell on the things I'm missing.

I really am happy to be here. It's just tough starting over somewhere new. It's also tough having to make so many calls to people I don't want to call: usps, at&t, doctors offices, etc. Sometimes I just want someone to call me and see how I'm doing. We'll get to that point sometime. It's just an adjustment.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

lists and pics of our apt

Baby room/office

Master bathroom

Our bedroom

Guest bathroom
Baby room/office again
Living room. love the wall decor!!
Whole living room
Dining room. Please excuse the huge chair. We're trying to find it a home somewhere in the house...

1. Our apartment is finally all put together. Everything is unpacked, cleaned, put away and decorated. It's so cute!!
2. Don't skimp on the price with shower curtains. It's better to go with a fabric outside and a plastic liner unless you want it attacking you all time.
3. Tornado warnings in MO are similar to KS: turn on your TV and see what's going on.
4. Having a forest in your backyard creates the perfect place for lightning to strike during a big storm. Loud and bright.
5. The guy we bought our couches from played with the STL Rams when they won the Superbowl. We weren't quick enough to think about asking to see his ring...
6. He invited us to church with his family. Maybe we can be friends and still see his ring?
7. There are some things that Utah people will never experience inside of Utah: 80% humidity while 80 degrees, torrential sheets of downpouring rain, thunder that shakes the house, lightning that is more like a strobe light, lightning that branches across the whole sky, big man-eating spiders that sit on your kitchen table, a musty smell every time you first walk into your apartment.
8. I'm 20 weeks and I've started feeling our baby move all the time. It's so fun to feel him wiggle and kick! But not so fun when he decides to sit on my bladder...

Friday, August 20, 2010

welcome back to the midwest

Well, welcome back to the Midwest.

This afternoon we experienced our first thunderstorm since moving here. It really wasn't anything huge. Some lightning, dark skies, a little thunder and some rain. The trees in our forest backyard were really moving though!

After Scott made a delicious dinner of baked potatoes and fresh salad, we drove up to see his campus. I think it's gorgeous. He's pretty quiet about stuff like that. He likes it though. So that's exciting. We stopped at Target and Kohl's on the way home to look for flip-flops. The sky was getting darker and seriously 80% humidity. Kinda that weird, eerie, still feeling of moisture that it's either gonna storm hardcore or dump rain.

Well, we got home and low and behold, on our kitchen bar there was this HUGE spider! Now. Let me tell you something. I thought Utah spiders were huge...this one was at least 3 times as big. We're talking like 2+ inch leg span with a large body. I freaked a little and Scott validated me for doing so. (after he killed it and it dropped in my purse next to my phone. good thing it was dead.) So gross. I have no idea how it got in or where it came from, but I still have some heebie jeebies and I'm hoping one doesn't crawl in bed with us...

So after the spider incident we turn on the TV to relax a little. About 20 minutes later, Tornado Warning. For us. Then I hear sirens. Keep in mind we are on the 2nd floor of an apartment with no basement.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't praying hard. I was pretty nervous. I know what to do with a basement. But without one? On the 2nd floor? (I called Kathryn :-)) But they lifted it about 10 minutes later because the storm that was heading SE and straight for us suddenly shifted NE and will miss us completely. So now we're waiting to see if another storm that is SW is moving NE or SE.

Welcome back to the Midwest.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


After reading Brittany's post, I decided to write about some blessings we had yesterday.

As you know we've been moving in and trying to get things set up. We moved here without a couch, washer/dryer or internet. On Monday night we found a couch set on Craigslist.com that looked a little too good to be true, but we decided to contact the people. He emailed us back really quick and we set up a time to see it Tuesday morning. After driving almost 30 minutes, we found this guy's house, well, almost mansion. The couches were amazing. So we said yes. Scott helped the guy load them up.

In this set, there is a couch, love seat, oversized chair and ottoman. That means two trips with his big truck 25 minutes away.

As we're loading them up we're wondering what the heck this guy does that allows them to have such a beautiful home and be so young (he looked late 30's, maybe 40). He told Scott that he had retired 2 years ago. What?! Scott pressed a little farther and we found out this guy is a retired St. Louis Rams player. wow. Obviously, he did not need the money because he sold this furniture to us for $200. We offered $30 for the delivery.

When he came after the 2nd trip, he and Scott started talking more. He invited us to his church. He mentioned he had 6 kids, the oldest 12. Scott invited him to our church and told him about his mission. After that nice conversation the guy gave us our $30 back. What a good man.

Now, let me tell you some things about these couches. They are in excellent condition. They are HUGE. Literally 3'9" deep. They are super squishy and comfortable with lots of throw pillows. They match our style and decor in our living room perfectly. These are seriously NICE couches. We could probably sell the chair and ottoman for $100. No joke. We were seriously blessed from the Lord to find this deal.

Some other blessings yesterday...
-We were able to finally get through to someone about our internet and change it from some $40/month we "had" to $15/month.
-After 3 hours of waiting on hold and trying to talk to different people about why our DSL was not working when it was activated, I said a short prayer and not a minute later Scott realized he hadn't plugged it in all the way.
-We now have internet.
-We were able to get an antenna so our TV works now.
-We were able to figure out what Scott needs to do to ensure he gets his loan.
-I was able to get in contact with all 3 doctors offices to get the information I needed for my insurance to cover a $722 bill. (we're still waiting on results of whether it will be covered or not)
-We were able to get the living room completely set up minus the wall decorations. We actually relaxed and watched Brian Regan last night.
-We were able to get the baby's room/office almost totally set up.
-Scott was able to avoid 3 almost accidents (Him: "I've never been so close to being in accidents as I have driving around here!") driving is alot different here. If you think Utah drivers are crazy...yeah...you ain't seen nothin.

Life is coming together. The Lord seriously blesses in time of need. He also will give you the blessings you need when you are specific about what you need. God is good.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

super long...our move, reunions, lake, etc.

Wow, it's been a crazy couple of weeks!

After having fun in Yellowstone, we headed home to load up the truck. Luckily we had prepared everything really well so it only took about 30 minutes with a few guys (and girl) helping out. On Sunday we had our last day of church in our ward. It was nice, but I felt pretty detached already so it wasn't sad. We finished cleaning and packing that day and then had an open house that night. It was SO fun to see so many people. I loved it. It was a great way to say goodbye to lots of good friends and some family.

Monday morning we got up bright and early, loading the last bits up and then faced our first challenge: loading the Mazda onto the car trailer. We were not smarter than the trailer, and with the ramp being too short and too steep our only way to solve the problem was visit the church parking lot. I backed the car up the ramp to the front doors and Scott backed the trailer up to the car. The slope of the ramp helped decrease the steepness of the ramp on the trailer. It took an hour to do and still totally scraped up the bottom of the car. :-( When we returned the truck we realized the trailer actually had a pump to lower it so the ramp could be almost flat to the ground. Wow. We're smart.

Anyway, we headed out. We quickly found out that a 16 ft truck with a flatbed trailer loaded with a car is not the easiest thing to drive uphill in. We also quickly found out that Wyoming is anything but flat. In fact, it is extremely hilly. We managed to top out on most of the hills at 45 mph. On the "flats" we topped out around 65 mph. The last hill was the longest and we couldn't get above 35 mph for much of it. Quite the experience and loads of laughs urging our truck to make it up "I think I can, I think I can."

Once we hit Nebraska, things flattened out alot and we were able to keep 70 mph for awhile. We also managed to run straight into the most incredibly colorful and interesting storm. We had the sun shining bright from the West behind us, deep blue storm clouds directly in front of us, a bright yellow field of Sunflowers to our right, a lightning strike a 100 feet to our left, and a double rainbow straight ahead in the clouds with rain pouring buckets from above. It was truly incredible. I have never experienced such vivid colors all at the same time. And the lightning bolt seriously was 100 feet or less away. Scared us a little.

When we came upon the town we were staying in for the night, I thought there were 2 exits, so I told Scott to keep going. After the sign that said "Next exit 9 miles" I realized I was wrong. So with a 1/4 tank of gas we went 9 miles, turned around and went back 9 miles. When we filled up with gas the next morning, we realized we made it to the hotel with less than 3/4 of a gallon left.

Realized something. This truck only got 9 miles to the gallon.

We also realized the next morning that somehow our front license plate became detached from our car. However, the plastic cover frame around it was laying on the trailer next to the wheel. So the question is, lightning bolt? Jostling around? Or license plate thief? hmmm....

Our next big adventure came when we were about 50 miles outside of St. Louis, near the place we were staying for the night on Tuesday. A big storm was brewing, once again, directly in front of us. I told Scott I wanted to get closer before stopping to eat dinner. He said he would stop at the next Subway so we didn't miss it. So we stopped and ate dinner. In the meantime, the storm blew threw in front of us on the highway about 5-10 miles farther than where we had stopped. WE realized this because when we got to the point of the storm, the highway was closed. We exited off and Scott found a parallel road that we followed for a few miles before jumping back on.

We realized later that a huge straight-line wind had blown through that portion of the highway and knocked a semi-truck onto a car. Smashing it almost completely. Both drivers were life-flighted and the highway was closed for 2 hours.

Had we not stopped for Subway when we did, we would have been in the same spot on the highway at the same time that wind blew through. We could have been that truck that was blown over onto a car.

Luckily, I think our Subway stop was inspired. We made it to the Lambert's without incident after that and faced yet another challenge of parking the truck. Remember, we had 16 ft of truck with a flatbed trailer that was probably another 16 feet at least. Gloria's neighborhood was designed with one way roads, narrow streets, lots of cars, and no space between houses. We drove around and around before parking the truck about 6 blocks away on the one empty patch of street that was not occupied. Phew.

Wednesday morning we managed to miss the exit for the highway we were supposed to take, so Scott had to maneuver through another tight neighborhood and turn left on a busy road before we got turned around. Then he got to face St. Louis rush hour traffic in our big rig. That was fun too. Then when we got to our apartment, we spent about 30 minutes backing up trying to turn the rig around so we could drive out of the complex. (some people had blocked the only cul-de-sac) We finally got to our place, the missionaries came and helped unload and we returned the truck.

Scott (and I) had never been so excited to drive our Mazda as he was when we left the truck.

We now have a whole new appreciation for semi-truck drivers. They really cannot see anything, and they can't really see you when you're passing. They also really cannot go any faster uphill. They also cannot cut corners, turn right easily, make u-turns or stop quickly. And, they most definitely really cannot accelerate very fast. They have a tough job people, and they deserve a little more respect. :-) We are now friends with truck drivers because we understand their pain.

Now we are at Grand Lake for a Gille family reunion. I haven't been so hot and humid for a very long time, and I'm not loving it, but I'm not hating it. It's just different walking outside and sweating. The cabins are teeny and I am SO excited to be back in my own house with my own bed and Scott (but I'm not complaining, promise!). We went on the lake today and I decided to wakeboard. Yes, I know I'm pregnant. Yes, you can tell me a billion times how it could be dangerous. Yes, I might listen. But will I follow your advice? Probably not. I got up, wakeboarded and loved it. In fact, I went out again this afternoon and boarded again.

Tomorrow? More boat. More lake. More wakeboard. Life is good. The end.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday we went to Yellowstone and drove the whole loop around the park. It was alot of driving, but it was SO DANG COOL!!!! We saw all kinds of things like:

-Fountain paint pots and midway geyser basin
-Old Faithful
-A few different waterfalls
-Yellowstone Lake
-Mud Volcano basin
-Dragon's Mouth
and...my favorite....

Lower Falls in Canyon Village.

This picture doesn't do this justice.

This is a picture taken on a overlook that is quite literally on top of the brink of the waterfall. pictures are really hard to see the incredible wonder and beauty of this fall and this location. It was the most incredible thing ever. I have never stood almost on top of a waterfall and been able to look down and see the entire thing 309 feet below crashing into the river. The water was also minty green as it went over the edge. It was stunning. I will post more pictures on facebook later.

The best comment of the day was Scott: "Well, I better start praying for a bear..." or something like that. It was hilarious.

He (and everyone else) really wanted to see a bear, so we drove slow looking for one. I found a stump that looked exactly like a bear and we were all out of the car in about 5 seconds flat only to find it was actually a stump. bummer. We didn't end up seeing a bear, though Scott swears he did and we passed it.

Overall it was a very fun day! I loved seeing all the crazy cool things and the amazing creations of God. It was incredible. We want to go camp there for several days so we can see more. And it rained alot on the way back. Happy day :=)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Idaho Update

Well, after about 30 minutes of trying, I have been unable to upload any pictures except for this one:

Those are all of Scott's trophies and medals. It was really hard for him to get rid of them before we moved. I think he kept some of the medals and one or two trophies, but we really don't have anywhere to store them in the new place. So he took pictures of all of them, and a picture of all of them together, then got rid of them. I'm sad for him, but I'm also proud of him.

I wanted to post a picture from the reception and some from Craters of the Moon, but not today apparently.

On Tuesday we went to Craters of the Moon with Kim, Heidi, Stevie, Hollie and Mom Dodds. It was SO cool! It's this huge National monument that is all cooled lava rock. It's all black rock too. It was amazing to walk around and think about that we were walking on stuff that was once hot lava! We went in 3 caves too. One of them we had to crawl over big boulders and use flashlights. It was really cool!! It was so much fun to be with the group and be exploring all the cool stuff. I really wish I could post pictures! I guess you could google Craters of the Moon and see kinda what it's like.

Now we're in Idaho between Island Park and Yellowstone. It's gorgeous! We're spending the day at Yellowstone today, which I'm excited about. It's another place we've never been. I'm also loving how cold the nights are here. It was like 45 degrees when we woke up at 6:30 this morning. I love it. It also isn't as hot in the days, still around 80, but that's less than where else we've been.

Can't believe how much closer we're getting to this move!! I'm a little excited. :-)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The latest from us

It seems to have been awhile since I last wrote anything, so here I am, writing something.

It's been such a fun weekend! I guess the weekend is over now, but it was fun! We drove up to Twin Falls on Wednesday afternoon with Emily and Hyrum. We almost got pulled over by a cop, but by the time he got out of the ditch and turned around we had slowed down enough and he was too far behind us to be interested. He pulled someone else over.

Thursday we set up some stuff at the church for Susan's reception. Friday we had an AMAZING breakfast by the Twin Falls waterfall in the park. It was gorgeous and perfect temperature! Then we helped finish the reception set up. It was pretty spectacular. That night we had the reception for Susan. It was pretty fun hanging out and chatting with the family. Oh, and Becky came from Australia! She surprised everyone by coming. I had a feeling she'd show up, she's pretty sneaky like that. It was so fun to have her there! Saturday morning was the wedding. It was a wonderful sealing and it was really neat to have every single one of Scott's brothers and sisters there. Unfortunately afterwards it was blazing hot outside and we had all the pictures. Luckily it wasn't my wedding day so I didn't have to take a million pics! Then the luncheon was fun. Then they left.

On Saturday late afternoon I went shopping with Becky for some pregnancy stuff and somehow Kim found us in the mall and directed us to Costco. Amazingly enough they had the cutest maternity clothes there! BUT, they are the kind of clothes that look really cute NOW but they also stretch with you as you grow so they fit the whole pregnancy! Both Becky and I got a couple things (our boys will be a little more than a month apart). It was fun to try them on and see how the same shirt looked on me now, and how it looked on Becky who has more of a prego belly (7th kid). I was SO excited about my purchase! And still am. I got 3 shirts and the dang, stinkin, cutest jeans ever! They seriously as SO comfy but they are SO stylish too! And they don't look like maternity jeans. The brand of clothes is: www.lilacclothing.com. Lucky for us, the display in Costco had the clothes for over 50% off the internet price. So, my $40 jeans are $90 online. I may have to go back... :-)

Everyone left on Sunday except for us and Kim Dray's family...well, her 3 youngest kids and her. So we're going to do some fun things today with them! It's been SO great to hang with them because we never get to see them and I haven't ever gotten a chance to know her kids til now. They're pretty awesome.

It's also been kinda fun to accumulate some cute stuff for our baby here. We've gotten several gifts from brothers and sisters as well as Scott's grandma. We are SO excited for this little guy!

I'm not really sure what else has happened. I think I covered the big stuff. We're here til Wednesday morning and then we head over to Island Park for a family reunion on my mom's side. Saturday morning we head back to Orem and load up our moving truck. Sunday is our last full day in Utah, and we're having a Going Away Open House that night. Then we leave for Missouri early Monday morning. I can't believe it. One week from this moment we will be on the road toward Missouri. Wow. It has come so fast. Too fast. After we move in, we're leaving the same day for a reunion on my dad's side at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. I'm pretty excited to be on a boat on an Oklahoma lake, but I won't be able to wakeboard. :-( oh well. Then we come back on our Anniversary (the 14th) and finally get settled into our new home. Pretty sure we'll be sick of traveling by then. It will be a good way to end the summer though.

I'm a little excited to get to a new place and totally redecorate and re-vamp the apartment, but I'm also really nervous, scared, and sad to be leaving our home. It's definitely extremely bittersweet. Almost matches some feelings I had when we got married. I was SO excited to be with Scott but I was scared to leave everything I know. If this move turns out like our marriage has, we will be absolutely, perfectly, 100% just fine and happier than I've ever been! I guess I'm just lucky I married such an amazing guy. :-) Now I better go get ready for the day!