My Man.

Caring, energetic, affectionate, spunky, happy, sports.
Those are some words I would use to describe Mr. Man.


-he passionately loves all classic sports, basketball, football, baseball, golf, soccer, etc.
-he passionately loves his hot wife. Me.
-he has gorgeous blue eyes
-he loves to eat anything chocolate...except dark chocolate. I like all chocolate so it works out great.
-he speaks several languages: English, Portuguese, Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry
-he wants to be a Chiropractor when he grows up.
-he has the best Foxtrot lead of any guy I've ever danced with.
-his profile gets mistaken for Matthew McConaughey.
-he has the cutest dimple on his left cheek...part is natural, part is from a large stick when he was two. And we have matching scars on our eyebrows.
-he would do anything for anyone in time of need.
-he sacrificed a year of his dance career so I could continue dancing and competing because it was too expensive for both of us to do it at the time. He also turned down a spot on the BYU Ballroom Back-up touring team so I could be on it and travel to Nauvoo without him.
-he is a great athlete, wake boarder and ballroom dancer.
-he has a calculator permanently installed inside his brain.
-he is obsessed with his baby and is the greatest dad.
-he is incredibly patient, understanding and non-judgmental. He calms me down.
-he loves me more than his mom. And that's sayin' alot!!

I love him, he loves me, and he's my Man.