Friday, February 26, 2010

I love my job.

I really really do. I will probably cry when the year is over.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And they lived...

Why would anyone want to compete in the nordic cross-country ski event?

Actually, why would anyone want to cross-country ski. For fun?

I'm just saying....

uphills, flats, skis, sounds like too much work.

In other news, my kindergarten class has been amazing the past few days! They are doing so well and I'm feeling so confident and happy. Things are definitely going better and it makes me very happy. Tomorrow is the all day read-a-thon. Sweats, blankets, books and snacks all day. Can I get a heck yeah!? :-) It'll be fun.

In other, other news. I started the points system my sister in law and mother in law are doing. It's a wellness plan that you can earn 10 points per day. So far today I've earned...9 points (i think)! I don't have any fruit in the I got docked there. It'll be good for me. I love working out, so that's not a problem. But my eating habits are less than stellar.

p.s. VIVA ESPANA! It can now be seen on BYU TV. What an amazing year of dance!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I decided something very significant today....

I am not a winter sports fanatic.

And by that I mean, I don't like being cold.

Give me a boat, a lake, and a hot summer day and I'm HAPPY!

But, we did have a lot of fun on the mountain. The boys built a big jump and snowboarded off it while us girls took pictures and watched. It was fun to be with friends and to do something wintery, but I'm happy to be warm and dry. :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

New addition!

So our new addition is a new car! Well, it's used, but new for us. It's a 2004, Mazda 3 with about 84000 miles. We really love it alot. We were able to drive up to Idaho and back with NO problems! Wahooo! Hopefully it will be good to us and we won't have problems. Cute, huh? :-)

While we were in Idaho, we had alot of time to hang out with Scott's amazing family and play with sweet little babies. This morning Scott was playing with one of them, and then the little guy zonked out in Scott's arms. It was SO precious! It makes me want to have kids soooo bad....

...some day. When it's right it'll happen.

For now, we're just enjoying life. Who knew that adding some spices and a pound of Italian sausage to Ragu would make it taste so good? It's a new, easy favorite. And I don't like red sauce. Also, toast a piece of bread, butter and sprinkle with garlic salt and powder. It tastes better than being made in the oven! I loooooove cooking. :-)

Now back to life again. Hope this week is good and that my little kindergarten guy is better!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Loves....Don't loves


-Garden Salsa Sun chips
-Chili Chicken Stew
-Cake Balls
-the Elliptical
-Finally doing Guided Reading
-my hot pink zebra shirt
-Our new addition (I'm still not prego though)
-Bachelor drama

Don't love....

-mud caked on shoes that gets all over my carpet
-Kids who can't work well together
-the Cold
-constantly feeling like I am never caught up.

Life is goooooood