Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it must be true...

I think it's true what I read about that when you're having a boy alot of times you're more hungry.

I have now woken up the past 2 nights in a row around 5 or 5:30am so STARVING I am physically incapable of falling back asleep unless I eat something.

I have never in my life woken up so hungry! Wow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Baby Boy

As you will be able to see our little baby BOY is not a shy one, in fact he is spread eagle not afraid to show that he is in fact male. We are very excited about it, and thought that you would all like to see some pictures. They are not 3D like Becky's nor as many, but we think it's great to be able to see the little kiddo. The first picture is sideways, so sorry about the tilting of the head that is necessary.

Well bring on the sports, mud, dirt, and craziness that comes with a boy. We couldn't be more excited.

Scott and Karissa

boy or girl!?

We have a doctor's appointment this morning and we're hoping we'll be able to sneak in for a gender ultrasound!

We know it's early, so it's pretty iffy, but we might be able to find out the gender today!!

Do you think we're having a boy or girl?? Let's see those predictions!!

Here's some "background info"
-haven't really been sick
-my belly is showing lower
-I've craved salty food rather than sweet
-my face was really clear then kinda broke out and I'm trying to get it back to normal
-the heart beat at 12 weeks was 160/min

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I LOVE teaching!!!!!!!!

I apologize for the vent post. I was really disappointed, upset, but more than anything, hurt.

I'm feeling much better and happier now!

Today was such a good day at church! I seriously LOVE teaching gospel doctrine! It is my favorite calling I've had. (actually, RS presidency was awesome too) But really, I love studying the lessons with Scott, discussing the important things to share and then giving the lesson. I really feel like the best way to teach in church is to ask really good discussion questions. People learn by the spirit and by the experience of others. It does no good to ramble on and on about yourself and your experiences. I think you lose most of the class that way. Discussion and asking questions is the most valuable in my opinion. I love hearing insight from others and I think it's a way that people can relate better to other people and to the doctrine being taught. It also brings the class closer by sharing personal experiences. I love it. And I'm not afraid to say I think I'm pretty good at it. :-) Scott is too! He's a great teacher and he does a great job.

I'm seriously gonna miss our ward SO much. I have never felt so welcomed, loved and comfortable in a ward. We have friends we hang out with and we talk to people all the time. It's been such an amazing experience. It'll be fun to try a new ward, but I will really really miss this one. I just hope I get a good calling! I'd love to teach again! I can never teach too many times. It's like I teach one Sunday and it doesn't satisfy me. I have to teach more. Weird, I know.

Good thing I went to school to become a teacher!!! :-)

Anyway, the single digit days before we leave are fast approaching! AHHHH! We have 2 full days before we go out of town. Then we're back for a day and a half before we move. I can't believe it. It came too fast! Oh well, it's a good thing for us. :-) Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Disclaimer: I apologize if this comes off rude, harsh, hurtful, resentful, mean, etc.

I have never felt so disappointed in my life.

I had a baby shower tonight. Shayla, Emily and Kim spent time and effort putting everything together and did a great job with food, decorations, etc. Thank you. I appreciate it alot.

What I don't appreciate?

...4 of my friends came.

That's right, 4.

The invite list was about 90 people. 13 showed up. 4 were friends, 1 was a friend of a friend, 8 were family. 3 of those family were those who planned and set up everything.

Not one single person from Ballroom came.
Not one single person from my current ward came.

Seriously people? I am, no WE are, sick and tired of being such good friends to everyone and getting nothing in return. How many baby and bridal showers have I been to? How many people have we had over for dinner, games, dessert, date night, whatever? How many dinners have we taken to families with newborn kid? I love serving people, really. I just like to know people care about me too every once in awhile. . It makes me sick to think of all the friends I have here and that only 4 of them made an effort to come to my baby shower. 1st baby. We're moving across the freakin country in 3 weeks. Really?

Granted, it wasn't the best weekend. Some other factors came into play. I understand that it was a "holiday" weekend, people were out of town, people had weddings, fussy babies, it was a friday night etc. And I also understand it wasn't well advertised, facebook and email are not the best invitation tools, but it's not like we had a ton of money to spend mailing invites. And most of my friends are computer saavy enough I would think they check email and facebook.

It just makes me sick. And disappointed.

It's true that family really does come through in the end. And boy am I grateful for that! Thank you to Shayla, Emily and Kim for planning it. Sierra for coming even though you had a friend in town. Patti, Linly, Afton and Kat, also Aunt Kim for coming. Thank you Brittany, Krystal and Shadow. I really appreciate you coming. It means so much to me. Here's to praying that St. Louis will be many ways.

now maybe I can sleep.

Friday, July 23, 2010

informed decisions

So last night we went to a BBQ with some friends in the ward. It was so interesting to me because I talked to a gal who I've never talked to before but always thought she seemed really cool. It was really neat because I've had so many questions about things pertaining to pregnancy, childbirth and infant vaccines. I felt like she was there to talk to me and help me with the questions I've had.

She gave me a book on child vaccines and another book on childbirth. I started reading the vaccines book this morning. It's SO interesting!! I really think I need to get all the information I can, talk to as many people I can, do as much research as I can, then pray about it before making a decision.

Scott told me the other night that I have to know everything and sometimes it's a little annoying because I ask so many questions and need to know. It's really true. Especially if it's something that really affects me, I have to know! I have to research. I have to study. I've always been that curious and always asking "why?" and wondering about the world.

So, I think it's appropriate that with things like pregnancy, childbirth and child vaccines that I have to know. I have to get as much information as possible.

So, in a whole, it was so nice to talk to someone last night who has similar opinions and viewpoints as I do. I've found lots of people who are very much advocates of whatever Doctor says. I think as citizens of the USA we have a right to know everything we can possibly know, and then make our own decisions and refuse anything we don't want. All in all, it was a great conversation and I'm glad we were able to talk! I can't wait to find out more information about everything and make informed decisions :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sometimes I want to blog but I don't really have anything cool to say. I guess today was just a pretty good day. So was yesterday.

Yesterday we babysat for Scott's brother's kids. It was quite the adventure, but fun! They have a 4 year old, a 3 year old with Down's Syndrome and a 9 month old (I think). We haven't ever babysat that many kids for longer than 20 minutes, so it was a new experience! We played in the sprinkler and made Mac & Cheese. Then I left Scott to feed all three of them at the same time while I went to lunch with a good friend. I felt kinda guilty leaving him, but he was fine. It was pretty cute to see him feeding one, holding and about to feed another and keeping an eye on the third out of the corner of his eye. Of course I was on diaper duty before I left. I think he's changed 1 diaper in his life? ...that's about to change. Real fast. :-)

Anyway, it was fun. I really enjoyed seeing Lindsay. Ugh. I have so many people out here I'm gonna miss like crazy! Today I went to lunch with LaurAnn. I could say former co-worker, but really she's more of a friend. It was SO good to see her and catch up! It was also nice to see my school again and remember the good times. Ugh. I love that place. I miss it so much. It's still not quite real that I'm not coming back. :-( Then I went and played with Emily and Hyrum. We swam a little then made cookies and smoothies. He's such a dang cute kid! I hope our kid is dang cute too!

Last night was also really nice. We've both been getting kinda cranky and tired of hanging out at the house with no structure, no routine, no consistency, no nothing really. So when Scott said his tummy felt like eating Pizza Pie Cafe, I jumped on that boat quick! We had a REALLY FUN spur of the moment date night!!! We ate some yummy pizza, analyzed people in the restaurant (so fun! it's from "Date Night") and then went and blew the tokens he'd collected from Pirate Island. It was really fun to laugh and play and enjoy ourselves. Then we came home and watched Spy Next Door. Way dumb movie, but it was a really good night! It was SO nice to just get out and have fun with each other. My favorite part was dinner and analyzing people. :-)

So now our house is a complete disaster. I really hate packing. Especially when all the matching books except 1 fit into a box. What do you do with the last one? It won't fit? And there's no more book boxes left? I don't like mis-matches! Oh well. We'll figure it out. I can't believe we "leave" in less than a week!!!! (We'll be back for a day and a half before the official move)

Monday, July 19, 2010

happy day!

So yesterday was a happy day!

Church was good. It was fun to watch a baby blessing and think that will be us in a few months.

After church we picked up a window A/C unit from a friend in our ward. Scott set it up around noon. I went visiting teaching. When I got back an hour later, it had already dropped almost 5 degrees. We put it in the kitchen window since it gets the hottest there and it's hard for me to cook in 80+ degrees. It's already made such a difference!!! Around 5:00 it was only 73 degrees. It's usually around 80 by then.

I was a very happy wife. (and still am)

Then I got to take a nice, long nap. Then we drove up to Aspen Grove to eat dinner and hang out with Kim and Jim. It was really fun! Dinner was really good (who can complain about free food and no mess to cook or clean??) and it was really fun to relax, chat, and then kick everyone's butt at Pirate's Cove (it's a game). I also enjoyed drooling over pics of a 2011 GMC Arcadia. Not the SUV of my dreams or 1st choice, but boy it was beautiful, fully loaded and fun to drool over.

When we got home, it was still cold in our kitchen!! It's actually colder in the kitchen than downstairs now. That's amazing. Happy happy happy happy!!! This week we have lots of packing, lots to set up for the move (insurance, etc), a baby shower, hiking, dinner with friends, and more. Hopefully it'll be a busy week! Last week wasn't and by Friday Scott and I were getting tired of sitting around doing nothing.

Yay for a cooler house!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

beat the heat!

More comments than I expected on the last post. Cool. :-)

Did you know....

1. I can't remember the last time it rained here? It's been over a month.
2. RC Willey has an overabundance of comfy couches, chairs, recliners and more to relax in and "test" while in wonderful A/C.
3. Babies R Us is also a very fun way to enjoy A/C.
4. Mcdonald's can totally work as a cheap, $5 dinner while sitting in lovely A/C.
5. The sports and electronics sections of Wal-Mart are much warmer than the food and clothing sections.

I know I say this a million times, but I do not tolerate heat well without A/C. We need to get more refriderent in our car so it works better too. I'm excited to get to ID in a week and a half for some WAY cooler nights and cooler days too! I'm tired of the constant blazing sun, no trees, and no clouds. Not too mention NO RAIN! I think I pray for rain every night...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Joys of pregnancy

I've wanted to write this post for a long time. It'll be a long one folks.

I feel this need and want to record everything I can think about and remember that has happened or changed since I've gotten pregnant. It's fun to look back on the earlier stages and remember stuff. And now that it's not a secret, I can share my 1st trimester experience.

The first thing I love talking about it graduation weekend. My parents were here and so were Scott's. They both took us out to dinner on separate nights. After eating at Texas Roadhouse with the Dodds', I got really sick later that night when we were hanging with my parents at Shay's house. I thought I had food poisoning! I almost threw up, but I hate doing that, so I didn't. I figured it was some weird bug. Later on, in the middle of the night I felt horribly sick again. Then again in the morning before I ate breakfast. Then we had graduation and all the hooplah. I felt sick to my stomach when it had been awhile since eating, but didn't think much of it. I got sick feeling at least once or twice more before everyone left. Little did I know, I was pregnant.

A few days later I was standing in the hall at my school waiting for my kindergarteners to come in from recess. One of the girls in LaurAnn's class looked at my dress and went "CUTE!" then she said "Are you pregnant?" "no. Do I look pregnant?" "yes!" I chuckled and went back to the testing I was doing. That was the week I missed my period. I couldn't go more than a couple hours without food and I kept feeling sick. Pregnant? Yes. I knew I was, woman's intuition, but hadn't confirmed yet.

Two mornings later I decided to take a test. I figured I had waited long enough and if I was going to be positive, it would be. I couldn't sleep that night and woke up a little earlier than normal. After seeing the positive, I ran and jumped on Scott and woke him up. 30 minutes later I called mom and dad. A couple days later we told the rest of our family and tried to keep it a secret from everyone else.

Oh, also during that time of graduation and the week I found out I was pregnant, I craved salty buttery popcorn every single day. Sometimes I ate it twice or three times in a day. I could not get enough! I thought nothing of it until I felt more pregnant and realized it was a symptom. The first trimester went by without too much sickness. I felt nauseas all the time, especially if I didn't eat every 2 hours, but I only threw up twice because of car sickness and not eating. I didn't have any crazy cravings, but I did figure out that cravings are real!

1. I was reading Eclipse and Bella was eating poptarts in the story. I had to get poptarts. It wasn't a maybe or an if, it was a need. Scott got me some :-)
2. I had a Mexican kick. I wanted a soft taco from Taco Bell, but decided to make homemade tacos. Very unsatisfactory. I ended up getting a soft taco later that night. That same week I craved Jose Peppers. Unfortunately, it is the best Mexican restaurant known to Karissa and it is sorrowfully located ONLY in Kansas City. I tried my best to satisfy the craving by eating at two Mexican places here in UT, but that only made it worse.
3. I did not like sugar. Nope. No way. None. I still don't like it as much as I used to, but I eat more than I did in the 1st tri. I only wanted salty foods.
4. I had to eat Life cereal every morning for several weeks. If I did not eat Life, I started out sick and didn't recover the whole day. I tried to be healthy and eat eggs and oatmeal. No. Didn't work. Only Life. For about a month and a half at least.
5. Toast was (and is) my best friend. Also string cheese.
6. Lately I have this wonderful relationship with eggs, cheese, canadian bacon and whole wheat pitas. Also, glasses of milk.
7. Last night was the first time I experienced eating a bite of something and almost throwing up. It was leftover artichoke chicken. Delicious the night of, but horrible reheated (to me) (I wasn't in the mood for the smell).

I have now moved from the 1st to the 2nd trimester and I'm feeling lots more energy, lots less nausea and overall better. I started getting a belly (to me) around 10 weeks, but it really started poking out more at 12 weeks, and definitely more now at almost 15 weeks! I don't really know if it'll be a boy or a girl. I'd love to have a boy because they're so fun, but I'd love to dress up a pretty little daddy's girl. I've had 2 dreams that we were having twins, but no significant dream of only a boy or only a girl. So who knows.

Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the first ultrasound was the highlight of my life so far. It was incredible to actually see the tiny fetus in there and then hear the heart beating. I almost cried, so did Scott. It was so surreal to think "my heart is beating, and something inside of me has a heartbeat too!"

Now I've noticed that my hair seems to be growing at super speed and my nails are getting longer too. Also, being pregnant is like getting instant implants, and feeling bloated all the time. I was so happy that between 8 and 12 weeks I had only gained 1 pound. I felt like I'd gained 20! Also, it's very uncomfortable to wear pants that rest on my tummy. I like rolling things down or wearing them lower under my tummy so it doesn't cut in. I learned last Sunday that pencil skirts and pregnant do not belong together (unless you have a belly band, which I bought yesterday!). I also bought some belly cream yesterday that's supposed to help with an itchy tummy and stretch marks. We'll see. I'm not horribly worried about stretch marks since I heard it was genetic and mom never got any with 5 kids. Also, it's true about having more sensitive skin...I spend 40 minutes in the sun and I have a tan (or burn if I don't put on sunscreen). And my tummy does itch!

As for the food restraints, flu shots, infant shots etc...hah. That's a whole different can of worms I won't open right now. So that's all folks!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

flu shot and pregnant?

So I know it's only July but I've been looking at all sorts of fun stuff on and and stuff like that. I came across some articles about being pregnant in the winter. Which I will be. Then I came across the information that:

pregnant women need to get not only the seasonal flu shot, but h1n1 too.

I've never had a flu shot in my life.

I can't remember the last time I had a shot.

Yes, I've gotten sick but I've always gotten better. Do I really need to get a flu shot? I've heard lots of controversy.

Yes, you need it because your immune system is at a lower defense.
No, it can have horrible reactions and lasting effects.

Now I'm gonna be wondering what to do. Maybe I'll just pray really hard about it. I read one thing that I really liked (not a direct quote):

"why would I get a flu shot now when I've never had one? If I get the flu and die, it was my time to go."

food for thought.

Monday, July 12, 2010

HGTV Pictures!!!

So I wrote about all the project we took on, so here are the pictures!!

Dresser before:
Dresser AFTER!:
Knobs/handles before: (ick!)
Knobs/handles AFTER!:
End table after: (we didn't have any before pics, it was a light tan wood)

I wish I had pictures of the whole dresser put together before. It looked terrible! We spent about $40 on stain, brushes, drop cloth, and knobs/handles. The new accessories were the most expensive at $.98 a pop for knobs and $2.39 for handles. Oh well, it turned out awesome! How much would you buy it for? (I'm curious how much we could sell it for if we needed to)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

lessons learned

Today was a really good day. I learned a few things...

1. "pregnant" and "pencil skirt" do not belong in the same sentence. Especially at church. I was SO uncomfortable!!!
2. Homemade spinach and artichoke dip is AMAZING! thank you Shadow! I'm posting the recipe below and I will make it very soon.
3. Spain and Netherlands had 47 fouls and 12 yellow cards for the World Cup final.
4. It's SO fun to see friends you haven't seen in forever! (thanks Calli and Ben!)
5. We're not the only people suffering without air conditioning, and we have it a little better than some because we sleep in the basement.
6. I love hearing people say we'll have really cute kids and be great parents.
7. I can hold someone else's baby and keep them quiet the whole time in Sunday School.

Other than that, I really enjoyed watching the World Cup final. I'll miss it. But it was good. And it was SO good to be with a couple really good girl friends and chat with them! Especially with Gretchen since she has a baby. I think I asked her a billion questions. Thanks!!!!

Here's the most INCREDIBLE spinach and artichoke dip I've ever had. And I LOVE this stuff. It's one of my most favorite appetizers ever! I think I may be craving this for awhile... :-)

Spinach and Artichoke Dip



Preheat oven to 375°F.

Mix together Parmesan cheese, spinach, and artichoke hearts.

Combine remaining ingredients and mix with spinach mixture.

Bake for 20-30 minutes.

Serve with crackers or toasted bread.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I realized that sometimes I write in this alot. And sometimes I ramble. And maybe it's not that cool. But then I decided this is more of a journal for me than anything for you, so it doesn't matter what I say or how many times I post. It also doesn't matter if I include pictures or not. But, the next post I will include pictures. Cuz guess what??


We're FINALLY re-finishing some furniture!!!

We bought this big dresser for $30 when we were just married. It's a dang good piece of furniture. Solid wood, great condition. Only problem is it looks kinda like this...
Only you can't see the drawers with half of the knobs missing and the ugly, tarnished, gold, ancient handles.
So, after almost two years of having the ugly thing in our room, we decided since we're moving to St. Louis and taking everything with us, we were going to stain it!! We got a sander from my sister and some stain and new knobs. Scott sanded everything and I put the first coat on the drawers yesterday and the 2nd on today. Along with the 1st coat of the main dresser. I cannot explain how amazing it looks! I can't wait for it to be done!!!!!

I also have been wanting to stain a little end table we got but haven't done it. So we did that too. Now we will FINALLY have matching furniture for our living room!! It will all be black wood. Table, computer desk, bookshelves and wall shelves. The only thing that doesn't match is our coffee table but it's such nice wood we don't want to do anything with it.

Anyway, I will post pictures when the whole project is finished. I feel very HGTV! I can't wait til it's all done!!!

In other news, we decided to stay with the first apartment we found. It was a huge misunderstanding and it's easier to stay than go anywhere else. I think it'll work out fine. We're also going to be renting a 16 feet truck to drive out there with our Mazda on a car dolly on the back. It won't save us as much as we were anticipating, but we'll be able to take everything with us now. So we will only buy a new couch (ours is awful). We feel pretty good about it. It's really nice to finally have some closure and feel like things are working out. It's been really frustrating to feel like everything is falling down around us and feel like everyone keeps letting us down. It's also been tough for me to hear so many people say "It'll all work out." I know it will. I just want it figured out now! I got tired of crying and being so stressed, so I'm glad we have closure. Hopefully this is the end of these type of events before we get settled in MO.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

cutest blanket!!

Today Kim came down and helped me make this amazing baby quilt!!! It was really easy. We picked out fabric (for boy or girl) and she did all the cutting and then stitching at the end. I just did the ties. Which were really simple but time consuming. It turned out SOO cute!!! I LOVE it and can't wait to use it with our cute little person coming in January. Thanks Kim!!

Detail on the blanket...

The whole thing!

ode to jeep

Remember how we were planning on throwing a trailer on the back of our jeep to move to St. Louis?

Remember how it would only cost us $400?

Remember how our jeep has serious overheating issues with the A/C on?

....let's just say we won't be driving the jeep to St Louis or IN St Louis.

The shop estimated $1400-2200 to fix the problem. Head gaskets under the engine block I believe. though they're not even sure that is the solution to the problem.

Goodbye jeep. Oh how I've loved thee.

Now to try and sell it before we move. great.

apartment troubles... :-(

Yesterday was so unbelievably frustrating and stressful!!!

In the morning I was thinking about baby showers and thinking about moving and hoping that I would make friends in St Louis so someone would throw me a baby shower out there. Then I got pretty bummed thinking about missing all my friends and family out here and how hard the move is going to be. Not too mention I felt like I might not have the support I need for this first baby. I know I'd get TONS of support here, but I don't know anyone out there! (except Kathryn and Gloria) So I was feeling pretty crummy.

About 20 minutes later, my dear sweet hubby informed me that the apartment complex we had in St Louis had called and denied our proof of income. They said the loan we were awarded from Logan was not sufficient to qualify us for that apartment. Oh boy. So, I started looking at other apartment complexes to see if there was anything I missed. I called one of them, and ironically it's the sister complex to the one that denied us. The guy didn't know about the proof of income thing and said he'd do some research. Way nicer to talk to!!!!

Later that day, Scott called the first place back to try and reach an understanding. After about ten or fifteen minutes of arguing on the phone, and lots of "I'm sorry, we can't do anything"s, he got off very frustrated. In the end, after all that, they managed to tell us that the loan was only 8 months and they needed 12 months of proof so they wouldn't accept it.

So I called the other place back to ask for a quote and he told me he had talked to some people and found out he had been doing things wrong for awhile. He said it was a matter of Fair Housing and every single person had to show 12 months proof of income that was 2 1/2 times greater than rent. He said it was a government thing and we'd either have to get more loan to cover for 12 months, or get a co-signer. He was very calm and explained it all very easily. He sent a quote that I'll be looking over today.

If we decide to go with them, which is very likely, then it'll cost about $15 more a month for a little more square feet and hopefully nicer area. I figured if the first place was going to be so difficult with this when we hadn't even moved in, what will they be like when we do move in?? The new place would add about 5 minutes to the drive to school, but it'd be in a great area with a great ward. Also, I don't think we would have to re-apply and do all the paperwork again since it's owned by the same management company. We're crossing our fingers!

Looks like we will have to get a co-signer, which is not something we were planning on doing, but if it's the only way, oh well. I'm not sure why Logan only gives out 8 month loans and not 12? Anyway, that was the huge stress of the day.

Oh, and remember on the last day of school when I thought I broke my toe? Yeah, I never went to the Doc, but it never healed. I'm pretty sure I did fracture it. Then yesterday I slipped on our front steps and I think I re-fractured it again. It was very very painful and got swollen and has been sore all day. What a great way to start off a great day! At least it's over and we're moving on to the next... :-)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the sweetest thing

Every day Scott gives me a hug and a kiss, then bends down and kisses my tummy and says something like "Hi baby, I love you!"

It seriously is the sweetest thing in the world.

It will only get more sweet as my tummy and baby grow and he can feel it kick and move, and then the most sweet thing when the baby is born and he kisses it all the time.

Gall, I married a good man. My life has never been more happy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

ey yie yie

You know how they say when you're pregnant you're much warmer all the time?

Today I believe it.

Holy moley it's hot. Scott took me on a drive tonight just so I could cool down cuz I've been so miserable all day.

Now it's 11:20 pm.

It's 85 degrees upstairs. 80 degrees outside.

We have 2 fans in windows, 2 ceiling fans on, every single window open and the swamp cooler hole open...

I can't wait for it to cool down this weekend! I'm SO glad we live in the basement so it's at least 10 degrees cooler.

It sounds like Scott maybe turned the swamp cooler fan on. Maybe it'll cool down!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

just life

Today's the last day of summer school. Holy cow that went fast. I had fun with the kids. Easiest summer job I've ever had. :-) Today we're going to the bookstore to let them pick out books. Yay!

Baby is doing fantastic I think. We heard the heartbeat on Monday. 160 beats per minute. Doctor said everything sounded great. If we're lucky we may get to do an ultrasound at 16 weeks right before we leave, and if we're really lucky we might be able to tell what it is. We'll see.

I think I'm getting less sick. Not that I was terribly sick before, just super nauseas all the time. I still have to eat frequently, but it doesn't seem as bad. Scott is so excited to have a baby. He's so dang cute every day. I think he rubs my tummy and kisses it and talks to the baby everyday.

I think I'm starting to look more pregnant. Someone asked me yesterday if I was expecting. My tummy is pooching a little at the bottom. Maybe I'll start taking some pictures some day.

I'm so excited for this weekend! All of Scott's family is coming in town for Carrie's baby's blessing, and I planned a big 4th of July BBQ party for Saturday. I'm pretty excited about it. I love people and parties.

Every morning when I wake up I find little creatures in my shower. Today was a huge spider. They need to learn it's safer to stay outside. Ugh. Kinda annoying to have to wash the bugs down the drain before I get in. At least it's only like 1-4 everyday. Maybe Scott needs to spray again.

I think we might go to the lake tonight. I'm a little bummed that I can't wakeboard, but it's the best thing. I'll enjoy chilling on the boat and maybe take an easy tube ride, though that still kinda worries me.

We move in 5 weeks. But we'll be out of town for a week of that. What the crud. It's so weird. Scott's almost officially accepted though. He just needs to send them an official transcript, that's it. WAHOOO!!!! I better go, I gotta do some stuff before class starts. adios.