About Me.

I'm not skinny, but I'm fit. 
I'm not trendy, but I can dress cute. 
I'm not clever, but I'm funny. 
I'm not crafty, but I can copy. 
I'm not a chef, but I can cook pretty dang good. 
I love God. 
I love my husband. 
I love our child. 
I like my puppy, mostly. 
I have a passion for working hard and being equally lazy. 
I like hot food and clean kitchens, but they don't usually happen together. 
If you need help, I'll bend over backwards. 
If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm your gal. I
 like to talk and I like to listen. 
I can only keep really important secrets. 
I am working on my self-confidence, self-worth, and self-beauty.
I write because I can. 
I am a work in progress and every day I learn something new.