Monday, November 30, 2009

Why the 15 hour drive took 18 hours. We have the worst luck with cars, EVER!

If you wanna feel good about YOUR car situation, read on :-)

Thanksgiving was awesome. We made the 15 hour drive out to Kansas in our Jeep to spend the week with my family and spend some time in Branson with the Brett's for Thanksgiving. It was such a fun week! We did alot of playing, eating, and not sleeping.

But this post isn't completely about Thanksgiving, it's about what happened afterward, on the way home.

Have you ever driven on i-80? With a broken car? I don't recommend it.

Our Jeep had a couple issues on the way out, but nothing big. We took it to the shop and he couldn't find anything wrong. So we thought we'd be okay driving back.

About 30 minutes west of Lincoln (or about 3 1/2 hours on the road), our day became a nightmare.
Our car started having this problem with the gas and acceleration. Basically, we'd have our foot on the pedal, and it'd be fine then suddenly the pedal would seem to disengage and gas would stop getting to the engine, so we had to coast until the pedal and gas would catch again and we could keep going.
It kept doing this over and over about every 20 miles. Then every 10. Then we couldn't go over 70 mph. Then we couldn't go above 65. At least 4 times we had to pull over and coast or stop to get the gas to catch again and drive.

Twice we the car completely lost power. We had to pull over and sit for a couple minutes before we could get it started.

After this happened continuously for about 200 miles, we decided to start stopping at every town and filling up the tank. Of course it was Sunday and not a single shop was open.
Oh wait, one shop was open. And we went to it. It was in Cheyenne, WY about 500 miles from home.
Biggest waste of 45 minutes ever. The guy was completely dumb and had no idea what was wrong. He couldn't help us at all, and he was rude. The only thing he did was quote a new fuel pump and filter at $400 and 2 1/2 hours. (like we have that time and money)

Plus he was smoking a cigarette. (While messing with the gas gauge and testing the gas pressure.)

So we left.

Scott gave the car a blessing (sounds dumb, but keep reading) and we kept praying...along with my entire family and Scott's parents too. After the blessing we started off again. Going slow, nursing the gas pedal and stopping every 100 miles or so to fill up the gas tank. It didn't completely stop having problems, but it became infrequent enough that we were able to at least drive the speed limit and not worry so much. We only had one more episode of all the lights going off then on, and a few more small episodes of the gas losing power.

Scott was such a trooper and drove the entire way home. He was exhausted by the time we reached Provo canyon, but we made it. We could not have made it home without the prayers and faith of our families. THANK YOU!!!!! It was a crazy adventure, something I won't forget, and something I don't want to repeat.

It was also a testimony building experience about the power of prayer. The Lord really is out there and although we have challenges and trials, He's gonna take care of us. I have never been so grateful to fall into my own bed safe and sound as I was last night (well, this morning around 1:30 am). And that's our story.

Highlights of the actual vacation part (if you keep reading):
-playing rock band with my family
-seeing Kent and talking to him! that was awesome!
-eating amazing Thanksgiving food and watching the men have a towel whipping war after doing the dishes
-finding a great laptop deal at Best buy....
-....camping out overnight for 4 hours at Best Buy in 30 degree weather to GET the great laptop deal
-seeing the Brett's show.
-spending time with mom and dad and the rest of the family
-eating delicious Mexican at Jose Peppers the last night in Kansas
-being in Kansas
-being with my Family!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Wife

Well, I am about to make my wife a very happy person. Tomorrow morning we are going to Kansas to be with her family for the holidays. This may not be a big deal to some, but it is huge for Karissa. She is a super homebody, and hasn't been home since last Christmas. She came close when she was in Nauvoo. I am excited to be able to make her as happy as she is going to be. It always makes me happy to see her bright shiny smile and true happiness. I am grateful for a wife that has such a good family, and that she loves so much. I don't know what I would have done if I had married someone who didn't love her parents as much as she does. Her love for her home, parents, family and everyone astounds me. I don't know how she can have so much love to give. She really is a genuine person, and I feel honored to have her in my life and to provide a little bit of happiness in her life. She really is the only person that I have ever met that makes me as happy as I am. Karissa I love you so much!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Audi problems

Well this Audi of ours is going to be the death of me. Of course our car is broken again, when is it not broken. I knew some of the things that needed to be fixed on it so I decided that I was going to have one of my friends help me and I would fix it myself. Our front brakes were going out so we got the parts and started working and actually it wasn't too hard as long as you have all the equipment. I changed the brake pads and rotors in under two hours, and then proceeded to give it a tune up and of course we had to put in new spark plugs (I remind all of you that the most I had done on a car before was change the oil). It was really fun to learn how to do different things with the car. I then had to take it into a muffler shop to get a part welded back on to the bottom of the car which wasn't too bad. With all of the repairs we did on it, the car remains broken. Pretty much in its same condition. I took it into a shop and they told me that the rear cv joint is torn and that Audi's cv joints are not serviceable and so I would have to get a new rear drive train. Well a new one is $1100, and a used one is $400. I have also been told that I need several other things to be fixed right now. It is all so frustrating and I don't know what to do. I want to fix it all so that I can have a car that works and drive it into the ground, but I am wondering if it is already in the ground. I can't really sell it here in Utah because even if we fix the drive train it won't be able to pass safety and emission. We would love to sell it to someone in Kansas because it doesn't require safety and emission which would be great, but how do we get it to Kansas if we can't really drive it? It is all so frustrating because I was trying to fix the car in order to get it to Kansas for Thanksgiving. Well that is our life in a nutshell. So much going on right now it is driving me crazy!

Scott + Karissa

P.S. We love you all