Monday, September 28, 2009

car problems...again

Once upon a time I thought it was a really "good" idea to buy a cute, fun, materialistic Audi because it was "nicer" than a Honda Civic. I figured people would think I was really COOL and had money because I drove an AUDI.

2 years, $5500, and more care repairs than I can name later....

...It wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

Now the transmission fluid pan is cracked and leaking transmission fluid everywhere. Our first quote? $900. Yeah right. I'd take it to the junkyard before I pay $900 to fix that. Scott's done his research though and hopefully it should only put us out no more than about $350.

Do you know what I could buy with $350???
A brand new wardrobe for me and Scott
2 pairs of latin heels (if I was still ballrooming)
5-6 weeks of groceries
A new couch set
A month of rent
7 dinners at Cheesecake Factory
A new puppy
An ipod
New cell phones
Golf clubs (for scott)
A Provo league soccer team (haha)
A new TV

And the list goes on. But guess what? We're spending that money on a car. An old, beat up, won't-start-unless-you-hold-the-key-turned-for-10 seconds, falling apart, money sucking AUDI.

Will we ever buy another European car again? NO!

On a lighter note, Scott is my hero. He is amazing. I feel so blessed to be happily married to him. He takes such good care of me when I'm sick (like now), and works so hard to pay for expensive things we wouldn't have had to pay for if I wasn't so dumb when I was 18 (like my car).

Everytime I find out another person close to my age is divorced, I just feel so grateful for mine and Scott's marriage and relationship. I couldn't live without him.

And now I am off to plan my lesson for tomorrow, drink some more Emergen-C, blow my nose 23 more times, sneeze 14 more times, and try not to cough my lungs out.

I think I'm allergic to Utah.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

biggest bruise ever

So remember that one time I thought it was a good idea to not wear shin guards at soccer practice?

...and then I got kicked in the shin...


And now I have the biggest goose egg bruise of all time?

Oh yeah.

That was tonight. :-)

At least I think it means I'm pretty aggressive and not afraid of people. hehe.

Too bad I can't take a good picture of's huge.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

what a good day

We watched Coach Carter today.

What an awesome movie with a great message.

Too bad they have to include inappropriate words, actions and music.

When will they start making good movies again? Without the trash?

Oh well. I still loved it.

And tried not to cry :-)
It's a good ending.

My life is great.

And I have the world's most amazing Husband.

For no reason.

He's awesome and I love him...

...way more than you. I promise.


Sunday's rock my world.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

86 days!

100 days until Christmas day...

Do you know what that means??

...86 days until we graduate

86 days until we can leave utah

86 days until we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, WHEREver we want


The sky was amazing tonight. Looked like a potentially good storm.

Disappointing as usual.

But 5 guys burgers is good stuff!

And the clouds were awesome despite the lack of storm. :)

I like my life.

And Scott.

He'll be 25 tomorrow.

Wish him Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

remember Bill Nye?

I'm pretty sure there was snow on Timp this morning.... probably melted by 10am.

I have to keep reminding myself that my stress load will only last for about another month. That's if I can figure out how to understand the TWS (teacher work sample) and figure out how to do it.

I'm doing my unit on health.

I'm pretty sure the TWS is written in Chinese...

And yes, I did just watch a Bill Nye science movie about nutrition.


Our neighbors stink up our house sometimes.
Good thing I got an Apple Cinnamon air freshener.
It smells like Fall.

I need some serious chocolate.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Fever!

This morning was beautiful!!!

But sometimes I think my definition of "beautiful" is skewed.

I absolutely thrive on waking up to clouds and wind in the morning. It seriously makes my day.

Then when it gets sunny in the afternoon, I get sad.

I'm getting soooo excited for Fall.

For some reason I love it.

I love the trees changing colors, the leaves falling down, the mountains being 50 different colors, the sharp wind, the low dark clouds, the drizzle, the rain, the smell of pumpkins, the smell of apple cider, warm sweaters, soft blankets, sweatpants, scarves, hats, the mystery in the air, clam chowder, taco soup, hot chocolate, movies and popcorn while snuggled in a blanket, cool air, spicy smelling candles, trick or treating, fall decorations, etc.

I love fall. It may be my favorite season.

Fall is just, so, Fall-y. It's dark and mysterious. You never know if it's gonna rain or snow or be dark and windy, and I just LOVE it!

Plus, Halloween is my favorite holiday to have during the school year (in an elementary school). It's just so fun with all the fun decorations and everything.

I don't have Spring Fever, I have Fall Fever! And I love it!

And I'm so happy because I just got the best phone call. :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

i need a dog.

I was so excited to finally have a day off and do something fun.

And then the day flopped.

I think I hate one day holidays.

Sorry I'm a pessimist right now. I'm just in a crummy mood. I need a girls night out. Or something. Something fun and different.

Maybe I'll make a million dollars at work tonight and I can buy a house for us and finally get the puppy I've been dreaming of and life will be happy!