Friday, August 21, 2009

hair color...always a dilema

I want to dye my hair dark brown again.

I think I look better that way.

What do you think?

Or this.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

life in orem. it's cool

Well, it's been awhile since either of us posted. A couple of new things are happening!

1. Scott (finally!) started his job with Pirate Island Pizza. We went in the first day it opened to get 50% off food. It was...okay. They still need some practice cooking...maybe I should teach them. ;-) The idea is great though! And it looks pretty awesome on the inside. After his first serving shift later that night it was oh-so-refreshing to hear him come home and tell me everything I already know about how people tip, how serving really stinks sometimes, and how they kept him there after his shift for no reason doing nothing. I'm glad he will now be able to really feel my pain when I have a bad day and make no money.

I think he'll like it there though.
We'll see.

2. I (finally!) got my student teaching assignment! I'll be in 3rd grade (gasp!) at Sharon Elementary here in Orem, which is like 2 minutes from where we live! How awesome is that. I bet I could walk to school. Seriously. Maybe I will...when it's warm. And not cold. Or hot. Just warm. I'm really excited to be in 3rd grade, but I'm super de dooper nervous! I only have experience in Kindergarten, and that's a humongo jump! It will definitely be a good learning experience.

I think we want to move to Colorado. Well, I know I want to move to Colorado. I keep day-dreaming about it. Do you know anyone in Colorado? Scott needs a job there I think.

I had a dream last night that we had sextuplets (that's 6, right?). And we lost 2 of them somewhere. Then we lost another 2 of them. Then we found 3 of them, then found the last one. I took one of them to the hospital cuz she was sick, and the nurse stabbed her with a needle in the bum and she stopped shaking. Then she told me I had to feed them. Then Scott and I were trying to get in a suburban to go somewhere, and we didn't have car seats so we just put the babies in a big cardboard box with blankets. I had to sit in front and try to feed them, then he held them. Then I woke up. What a weird dream. I'm sure as heck not sure I'm ready to be a mom, but I'm definitely getting more excited to start having kids some day.

I think.

We did find out that if we get prego while on BYU health insurance it's way cheap.

But once we graduate in Decemeber, our premium goes up to $500 a month.

We decided to try NOT to get prego until we're graduated and on a different health insurance plan.

And I want a dog.

Really bad.

And I think I want to quit Tucanos.

Last night was bad. Really bad. I'm nervous to go in today. ugh.