Monday, March 23, 2009

our life is like a tornado

So it's been awhile since we've written on this. It's been the craziest past 2 weeks ever! I feel like our lives are constantly whirling and twirling and I don't know when we'll get a break. Summer? Hopefully!! So here's the reader's digest version because nobody likes to read super long entries.

-dancesport march 12-14, we averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night for about 4 or 5 nights
-praxis test march 14th. worst thing I've ever had to do.
-NEW nephew! Aaron is such a cutie. We loved being able to walk to the hospital to see him and Becky
-transferred to a new classroom for my practicum, huge blessing! :-) :-)
-beautiful, warm, sunny, gorgeous weather for about a it's snowing
-I got sick, again, on wednesday night...still recovering
-scheduled an interview with Nebo school district for an internship
-Car Auction on march 21st, really cool actually. ALMOST bought a car...
-Draper temple dedication on sunday, cool
-Power outage Sunday night, for 3 hours. not so cool. the whole neighborhood was out.

And I think that's pretty much the exciting stuff. Scott's just been pluggin along right there beside me as we try to stay afloat during this busy time. He's such a trooper. Today I don't have to be in the kindergarten classroom because they don't have school. It's super nice, but I wish we lived closer to campus or had two cars so I could hang out at home and not be stuck here alllllll day. Oh well, eventually I might get caught up on homework....or life in general?

-grocery shopping, lots
-clean the kitchen
-clean the living room
-clean our room....yikes.
-lesson plans
-make phone calls
-sell concert tickets
-team performance on tuesday
-practice for medals exams
-find a new job