Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gluten free update, Labor Day, and NEWS!

We've made it over a week without gluten!

It's been tough, but also easier than I expected. I've realized that far more foods than I thought don't have wheat. It's pretty exciting. Now if only I would not overcompensate by eating the entire XXL bag of peanut m&m's or the whole carton of chocolate ice cream, I might lose those 15 pounds that lady talked about...

The hardest day was Saturday. I made these amazing S'mores bars for a BBQ with some friends. I did not eat one. single. bite. Not one lick of dough. Not one corner on a spoon (that's my way of "tasting"...with the biggest spoon possible). Not even a taste test to make sure they turned out alright. Proud of myself is a bit of an understatement...

Then on Labor Day our ward did a 5k fun run and breakfast. Of course we have connections to St. Louis Bread Co. and they brought in 200 fresh bagels. Cinnamon sugar bagel? My favorite. Did I have one? No. Instead, I filled my plate with fresh fruit and a gogurt after I killed it in the race. I ran with my running bud Leia and we finished in 28:06! Woot woot.

Speaking of Leia, I wanted to announce that I'm joining her food blog! We are so excited about this new endeavor and have lots of delicious posts planned. Jump over to: to see what's up! I'll be posting all my favorite recipes, new and old, there, and keep this blog as more of a family update and ramble blog.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Eat some chocolate chip cookies for me!


  1. Awesome that you are sticking to your gluten-free diet! You'll have to let me know if you feel any different. So, I went back to the gym yesterday and pretty much got my rear end kicked. It's sad how fast you lose good results when you stop working out. I feel like I am back at square one again, but at least I have started. Now, if I were to stop nursing, I would be able to handle the bounce better...

  2. Way to stick to the diet! You're an inspiration.
    I'm following your Eat it and Say Yum blog on bloglovin and I click the heart button on every. single. one. In fact, I've been meaning to pin some of those recipes on pinterest. Keep up the awesome work! You're amazing!