Monday, August 26, 2013

Wheat free for 2 weeks!

Last week my hubby came home from school and dropped a bombshell:

"I think we should try eating a wheat-free diet for two weeks."

Say, what!? After further conversation and investigation, I found that his nutrition teacher at school shared some interesting information about wheat and gluten in general. She commented that when people came to her with problems and issues, one of the first things she would do was recommend was a wheat-free diet for two weeks. Typically, if the people followed the diet, they saw a weight loss of around 15 pounds and came back happier, healthier, and with more energy. Not too mention every person said how great they felt.

Both Scott and I agreed those perks sounded pretty good and that two weeks really isn't very long, so we should try it. What do we have to lose?

I knew that in order for this to be successful, I would have to make a meal plan far in advance that included breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, in addition to the normal dinner meal plan I usually make.

Today, August 26, is day 1 of two weeks. I'm hoping everything goes successfully and that we are able to really stick to this! Once I started thinking and meal planning, I realized there are tons of things I can make that are not weird, foreign, or difficult, but are wheat-free. If I focus on the things I CAN have, versus what I cannot, I'll be much better off.

One of the hardest things will be to include Blake on this. It's so easy for me to give him a piece of toast or cook a tortilla if he isn't happy with what we're eating. But, he can benefit just as much as us, and it will be good for him to have to try new things. He does love nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and several veggies, so I'm hoping he won't be too difficult!

To really illustrate the way we plan to eat, here is a lovely shot of my meal plan for this week!

Next week I'm going to try making zucchini lasagna and I'm including some brown rice spaghetti as well. Ever had those noodles from Trader Joe's? So good!

I also want to decrease my sugar and chocolate intake as much as possible, so I'm trying to do that as well. However, we are definitely not to the point of eliminating cheese, dairy, grains, etc etc and going all out Paleo. We like to keep it simple here and try one thing at a time. 

If you have a favorite wheat/gluten-free recipe you love, feel free to share!


  1. Hey, Karissa!! I've been 100% gluten free for almost 5 years. Rather than sharing a favorite recipe (I have tons), let me know if there is something you are craving and I"m SURE I have a recipe for it:). It's not as bad as you think! There are some GREAT pasta alternatives, too:)

  2. Hi!!! Yeah Shadow is the gluten free queen!! I've been wheat & dairy free now for a year and all those benefits you mentioned are for real. Feels so good! Aside from all the allergic reactions and bodily functions, the energy and weight loss is awesome too. It's way easier than people think. I always get asked, What do you eat!??! Lotsss of fruits and vegies and lean meats. Basically shop on the outside of the grocery store. And jasmine rice. Yummy! Asian food is tasty. And beans to get proteins! Quinoa and couscous are super health foods. And my mama has an amazzzing vegie lasagna recipe if you want it! And eggplant Parmesan as well!

  3. check out some paleo cookbooks from the library. there are some GOOD recipes in them!

  4. All the best for your weight loss journey. Hope you Feels so good! Aside from all the allergic reactions and bodily functions, the energy and weight loss is awesome too.

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  5. What's a hot dog smoothie? JK. You're amazing!